These 6 mums share how The Healthy Mummy has changed their bodies and minds

We love our community and these six mums stories are part of why, not only have these ladies transformed their body by losing weight and getting healthy but they have shifted their mindset.
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We love how supportive and open our community is with their weight loss journeys, not only are they willing to share their own journeys but also support other mums on theirs.

Six mums share how The Healthy Mummy has helped change their body and mind

Stefanie Kilner transformation

Stephanie Kilner

“Questioned sharing my results today, because despite all my efforts this week my scales haven’t gone down much at all.

Sometimes it’s harder to see your progress past the numbers on the scale.

Even though I know that I have less body fat

Even though I know I’m fitter than I was

Even though I can see the change in my muscle definition.

But if it was anyone else I’d be lifting them up. Telling them:
• Measure it by more than the scales
• See how far you’ve come
• You are strong, fit, determined and amazing
• Be proud of how far you’ve already come

So its time I took a note from my own book and showed how far I’ve come.

All with the help of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.”


Sally Stepniewski transformation

Sally Stepniewski

“I remember looking at Flashback Friday posts two years ago dreaming of that being me, wishing I could be as happy and healthy as them. It all looked too good to be true, eating lots of food and losing weight, how was this possible?

I’ve been a Healthy Mummy Challenge member for 18 months now and smashed my goals out of the park saying goodbye to over 40kgs. The Healthy Mummy app and the way is life for the whole family from exercising to smoothies to snacks and meals – I can’t believe how much simpler it makes meals.

From a mum who works full-time, has three kids under five and is running my first half-marathon on Sunday to another… It’s not too good to be true – it’s very real! It just requires commitment, persistence and believing in yourself. You too can do it!!!!”

Nikita Baxter transformation four

Nikita Baxter

Wow! I often wonder what my dress would look like on now. but it’s packaged so beautifully I don’t want to take it out of the box! However… I found my wedding corset and undies tonight… check this out. These undergarments were SKIN tight. I mean – I could barely breathe and the corset had an extender making it a size 22. I remember being absolutely distraught that I had to shop 800km away for a set that fit me.

This was pre-child. This was when I thought I was happy with my appearance.. then I got my photos back! I hated them. I still to this day haven’t printed a single one. Did I change my life? No. I ate myself a further 20kg worth. I had a baby. I hated my reflection.

My son was three months old before I found The Healthy Mummy. I wasted so much time hiding from the camera and missing out on vital memories.

Not anymore!!! Check out this comparison with no extender and on the smallest setting – I’m confident, healthy and I’m genuinely happy. The Healthy Mummy gave me my life back and I will forever be grateful.

What’s holding you back from finding the real you? Make your dreams a goal then absolutely smash it. The 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge gives you the platform to learn about food, exercise, your body and ‘healthy’ in general. Everything you need in your pocket. I can’t rave enough.”

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Maggie Sorensen transformation

Maggie Sorensen

“So it took me a really long time to find a before photo of myself… just me … in full view… without my children to hide behind…

The picture to the left is the most recent one I have. Taken the 1st of June (without my knowledge). This photo breaks my heart… me, at my heaviest, at nearly 80kgs and a size 14.

In August I decided enough was enough. I wanted to enjoy being in photos with my family… without having to hide behind my kids.

Thanks to The Healthy Mummy and this amazing group of inspiring women, today I was able to take the photo on the right and be extremely proud of the person looking back at me.

66.3kgs and a size 10!!!! 

I feel fabulous!”

Anna Kaufman transformation

Anna Kaufman

“I have put on 15+ kg because of hypothyroidism and fatty liver. Plus another 10+ after having my son.

But I have lost 8kg so far and I can’t be happier. Long road ahead of me but with hard work, consistency and with the help of The Healthy Mummy I will get there! 

Size 16-> size 12

Lost 8kg

Over 20cm

More energy

More confidence

Thank you to The Healthy Mummy.”

Aimee Fruend transformation

Aimee Fruend

“Before I fell pregnant I was 63kg, I was strong and fit and constantly active. Through my pregnancy, I gained around 30kg. After having my daughter I because extremely depressed and ate my emotions even more. I stopped looking after myself and I had stopped caring about getting my pre-baby body back because I thought it was gone forever. I had reached my heaviest I’ve ever been at 106.7kg and a size 18-20 in March 2018. I started to hate myself and not want to leave the house or even have photos taken of me with my daughter or hubby because I was disgusted in what I saw. I found The Healthy Mummy one night while scrolling through the web for a quick fix weight loss miracle. I couldn’t believe all the transformation posts, all the amazing food you got to eat and you didn’t have to starve yourself. I finally bit the bullet and signed up in April. Since then I have lost 21.9kg. I’m now in a size 12-14 and 84.8kg. I have my confidence back and I love the body I have. I have no problems chucking on some shorts and a singlet and going to the shops, I’m now the first to throw my clothes off at the beach and rock my bikini. I still have a lot more work until I have reached my goals, but I am so happy that I found The Healthy Mummy because it has given me my life back!”

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