If you like the sound of AJ for a boy and KC for a girl check out the rest of these names!

If you are looking for a new twist for your baby's name have you considered using their initials as their name, if it's good enough for JK Rowling why not you bub!
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Have you ever thought about your child going by their initials rather than their name?

It sounds a little out there, but trust us on this one, it’s actually kinda cool.

Take Harry Potter author, JK Rowling for example. We don’t know about you but we know her best as JK rather than Joanne Kathleen!

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baby name initials

150 initial baby names


Girls: Amanda Jane, Alexandra June, Amelia Jade, Anna Joy, Anastasia Joanne
Boys: Alexander James, Austin Jude, Andrew James, Anthony Jacob, Adam Joel


Girls: Brianna Joy, Bianca Jane, Bethany June, Brittany Jessica, Bobbi Jo
Boys: Brian James, Barrett Johnathan, Benjamin Jackson, Bjorn Jarrett, Blaine Jett


Girls: Christine Julia, Cami Jane, Callan Jean, Cleo Janelle, Carina Jennifer
Boys: Christopher James, Camden Jordan, Cedric Jackson, Clayton Jeffrey, Conner Jones


Girls: Daisy Jane, Danielle Jennifer, Darcy June, Dominique Jacqueline, Drew Janae
Boys: Dylan Johnathan, Dalton Jackson, Dashiell James, Decker Joshua, Dempsey Jude


Girls: Elizabeth Joanne, Elena Jill, Emery Jade, Edaline Jasmine, Effie Jane
Boys: Evan Joel, Edward James, Ellis Jude, Emerson Joshua, Etienne Joaquin


Girls: Jennifer Jane, Julia Joy, Janelle Jasmine, Janie Joelle, Jayla June
Boys: James Jackson, Jordan Jett, Jeffrey Jones, Jacob Joel, Jonas Jeremiah


Girls: Perri Janelle, Paige Jessica, Penny Jordan, Polly Jane, Primrose Jade
Boys: Perry James, Patrick Jackson, Paul Johnathan, Prince Jett, Phillip Jordan


Girls: Ryan Jade, Rhiannan Jolene, Rachel Jane, Roslyn Jayla, Rowena Jill
Boys: Rupert John, Ryan Joel, Race Jordan, Reed Jack, Reagan Jude


Girls: Tessa Jae, Tiana Janae, Talullah Jane, Taryn Jamaica, Tara Jaelynn
Boys: Thomas James, Troy Johnathan, Taylor Jett, Truman Jay, Tate Joel


Girls: Diana Dee, Drew Danae, Daniela Dawn, Dasha Danielle, Deena Dominique
Boys: Damon Daniel, Dakota Drew, Deacon Dax, Denver Dash, Derek Dylan


Girls: Jasmine Drew, Jessica Dawn, Jerica Danielle, Jillian Dee, Jolene Delia
Boys: Jack Daniel, Josiah Dean, Jeremiah Damon, Jude Decker, Jarod Declan


Girls: Kristy Camille, Kamden Christine, Kacey Cole, Kendra Calliope, Kasen Camber
Boys: Kevin Christopher, Kane Cameron, Keaton Caleb, Kellan Calder, Kennedy Case


Girls: Jessica Christine, Janette Chloe, Julie Cameron, Jae Cara, June Calla
Boys: Jesse Cade, Jonah Christopher, Jax Carmichael, Johnathan Cameron, James Cruz


Girls: Jasmine Tully, Jacqueline Tiana, Jordan Tasha, Jolene Trina, Jennifer Tia
Boys: Justin Tate, Julian Thomas, Jude Tildon, Johnathan Troy, Jonas Caleb


Girls: Jayden Rae, Jacinta Ryan, Julia Rose, Jessica Rowan, Jane Raquel
Boys: Jaime Ryan, Jacob Robert, Jaden Rain, Joseph Ray, Jace Reagan

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