“Weight loss isn’t a race, it’s just a journey to a healthier you” says Shaina who’s lost over 14kg and 2 dress sizes

Shaina Sneddon reveals she tried lots of diets but nothing worked until she came across the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.
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Shaina Sneddon reveals she feels like she had tried all the diets out there but nothing seemed to be working for her until she came across the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and lost 14.2kg and dropped down two dress sizes!

“I was unhappy in myself, I have been overweight since my teenage years, I always blamed my hypothyroidism and PCOS for my weight gain but I knew it was also what I ate,” she says.

“I have always had low self esteem and haven’t put myself out there as I am a firm believer in if I can’t live myself how can anyone else.”Shaina has lost over 12kg and dropped 2 dress sizes

How this awesome lady has lost over 14kg and dropped 2 dress sizes

Adelaide-based Shaina says she used to struggle to keep up with the kids at her work and ended up piling even more weight until she weighed 106kg.

“I used to be an educator at an OSHC, although I was still overweight,” she says.

“I used to be able to keep up with the kids and play their sports games but I started a new job still working with kids but it’s always sitting down so I piled on the weight even more. At my heaviest, I was 106kgs and was becoming at risk of more health conditions.”

After signing up to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Shaina was able to lose 14.2kgs in a year and I has dropped down two dress sizes.

“My pants are now 14 and I used to be an 18. I used to be a size 20 in shirts and now I can fit into 16,” she says.

“I’m fitter and able to walk my fur kids longer and in new areas. On days I workout I sleep better and have lowered a medication I was on all thanks to this lifestyle!

“It’s still hard to see it myself as although I look slimmer I feel like I can hide it better and it wasn’t until I saw the photos and realised there was a difference especially in my face!”

Shaina’s 3 steps for success

1. Don’t give up. We’ve all had bad days or even weeks but just reassess and start again.

2. Find what works for you. I did the beginners fit program for 8 months as it worked for me. Recipes are also easy to adapt, I don’t like Natvia so swap it for coconut sugar.

3. Every step, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction and that took me a while to learn. Don’t focus on the scales focus on the fact you walked or did a workout or ate better than the day before and it’s in the right direction.

“Weight loss isn’t a race, it’s just a journey to a healthier you.”

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