Singing lullabies to your baby might help make them smarter!

Singing could help your baby socialise and also do better in their studies, therefore making them smarter!
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You don’t have to have a voice like Mariah Carey’s, but singing to your baby actually has a positive impact.

According to studies, a lullaby can help develop a child’s emotional regulation.

This, in turn, could help them socialise and also do better in their studies, therefore making them smarter!

How singing your baby lullabies can help make them smarter

What’s more, singing has been found to lower your baby’s heart rate, decrease anxiety and release endorphins, which can decrease pain.

Experts at the University of Toronto found that lullabies not only comfort your little one but they can help improve their cognitive development. 

“Infant brains must be able to track auditory events in a predictive manner to make sense of music,” says study author Laura Cirelli.

“Music is a tool that we can use to bring people together, and this starts in infancy.”

Mums who took part in the study would sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star repeatedly to their little baby, alternating between a joyful tone and a calming one.

Interestingly, they found that a child’s brain levels decreased when their mum sang soothing lullabies.

But these arousal levels increased when sung in a more playful tone. Plus, it’s a wonderful connection tool to be used between mum and bub.

Other Studies

Newborn baby

Another study conducted in 2013 highlighted that babies were able to remember lullabies three months after birth if they were sang to in the womb.

This is called preconscious learning.

If unborn babies heard a lullaby in the womb and then the same song was sung once they were born, experts found it would help soothe them.

It’s believed these lullabies served as a reminder of the bub’s time in the womb. How cute!

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