Single mum loses 56kg and shares her tips on preventing loose skin and maintaining weight loss

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The INCREDIBLE Cicily Goodwin has TRANSFORMED her health and body – and lost tummy fat using The Healthy Mummy weight loss plans and shares her tips below.

“I started The Healthy Mummy in July 2016. In the first few months I lost 20kgs by using The Healthy Mummy smoothies twice a day and The 28 day challenge meals. I then lost another 33kgs over the next year. I didn’t go to the gym, I haven’t had weight loss surgery or any tucks..

I just walked, used the Smoothies and ate the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge recipes.

With a lot of weight to lose, I knew my skin would take a battering so I tried every way I could find to keep my skin tight. I drank a lot of water (over 3 litres) daily to keep my skin hydrated, I took collagen & garlic capsules to increase circulation and elasticity.

I exfoliated and dry rubbed my skin to encourage healthy skin cells. I also used the “core exercises” in the Challenge hub to help tone. (you can also see Cicily’s food diary here)

Cicily has lost 53kg ‘I was in denial’

“Maintaining weight loss is a whole different ball game because the natural response to weight loss is weight gain..

So I won’t deny I’ve fluctuated a few kgs. Trolls would say to me “you’ll just gain it all back again and then some in a year”.. but an amazing thing about The Healthy Mummy is that you are not restricted to 1200 calories, I ate over 2000 calories a day to lose this weight!!

See Cicily on Today Show below

So, fortunately, my body didn’t enter that harsh starvation mode often associated with big weight loss.. In 2.5 years I’ve managed to stay pretty much the same size :)”

“I have not done this without the luxuries.. I like to live a very social life; travelling, going out with friends for breakfast.. lunch.. dinner.. I LOVE eating out with beautiful people! So for me, maintaining is about fitting the things I love into my life while staying healthy.

To maintain, I still try to eat healthy mummy meals regularly (about 5 days a week), but I won’t say no to a lunch date with the bestie or just resort to choosing a salad if I don’t want it! I now eat anything I feel like, I just choose to think about it rationally before I do, and do it moderately 🙂

Being a single mum, I love to use The Healthy Mummy Meals to You for lunch and dinner.

They are so easy and convenient when you’re too tired to cook yourself a healthy meal. I find it really easy to stay on track and keep motivated with the Meals to You. I also use the 28 Day Challenge recipes for breakfast and snacks, usually making big batches to last the whole week.”

“My biggest tip is to not aim too big.

Often we run in guns blazing thinking we’ll lose 2kgs in the first week.. I chose to slow it down, aiming for just 700grams a week! I’m telling you that’s ALL you need to aim for! It might not sound like much, but that equals over 35kgs in one year! It also means if you have a bad week you can catch back up the next by giving yourself an extra push.” (you can also see Cicily’s food diary here)

"Attitude determines direction." Mum BELIEVED in herself & lost 51kgs!

If you want to check The Healthy Mummy app and 28 Day Challenges out – have a look here

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