These mums have lost over 70kgs between them and are smashing their weight loss goals

These mums have lost weight and are loving their new lifestyle after smashing their all their goals with the help of our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and The Healthy Mummy Community.
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These mums are smashing their weight loss goals on The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.  They have made a lifestyle change to improve their health and become better versions of themselves.

See how these mums have lost numbers off the scale as well as dress sizes

Megan Van Nierop has lost over 10kg and uses photos for motivation

megan van nierop 27_11_18

Megan says, “It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey and it doesn’t matter if your numbers are big or small. What matters is the fact you have decided to make the lifestyle change and will now be happier and healthier for it. You never know who you will inspire. Share your stories, like each other’s posts, don’t worry if people know you. We are here to support each other not judge.”  

“There are about three and a half months between these two photos. I’m not following numbers or measurements at the moment I am going by how I feel and photos. Photos show me more than the numbers ever will!” 

Steph McCullock has lost 46 kgs

steph mcCullock

Steph says, “141kgs – 95kg”

“I started fully dedicating myself to a healthy, happy lifestyle in January. This year has been the most amazing:”

“Over 30kgs lost bringing my total to 46kgs to date”
“Competed and smashed the 8km Raw Challenge”
“Dropped 6 dress sizes”
“Gained over 1kg of muscle in 6 weeks during a gym challenge”
“Cleared of all previous health issues and conditions”
“Being able to play with my son including climbing through equipment and small tunnels”
️”Being happier in myself and growing even closer to my hubby”
“Having the confidence to land a new job and step up in my career”

“Life is pretty amazing and I’m not stopping yet”

Becc Roper has lost 14 kgs

Bec Roper
Bec says, “First 3 photos:

“Seven months pregnant with baby number two (Aug 2016)” 

“Two and a half months after the birth of baby number two (Dec 2016)” 

“November 26th 2018 – 14kgs lost with The Healthy Mummy in 23 months” 

Bec Roper

“Second three photos: 

“At my sister’s wedding in 2009 (was maybe 65-69kgs)” 

“November 26th 2018 – 14kgs lost with healthy mummy in 23 months  (69kgs)” 

“Same dress – almost 10 years and two kids difference!”

“If I can do it with two young kids then so can you!” 

Karissa Kachel has learnt a lot from The Healthy Mummy

karissa kachel 27_11_18

Karissa has been a Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member plus the enjoying The Healthy Mummy smoothies for 18 months.

“There are 12 months between these photos!! All the hard work is paying off!” she says.

Well done mums on achieving your goals.

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