‘I have never ever been so confident in my body’ says mum who lost 34 kilos!

Shannon has lost a whopping 34 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and featured on the cover of The Healthy Mummy Magazine.
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Shannon you look incredible! This amazing mum has stripped down to her undies to feature on the cover of The Healthy Mummy Magazine Tummy Edition with three other mums celebrating their weight loss success!

Shannon has lost a whopping 34 kilos on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and says she’s never felt more confident in her life!
“Anything is possible! It is possible to change your life and become who you want to be a star.  If you haven’t tried The Healthy Mummy – don’t wait any longer – try it out now!”

How Shannon lost 34 kilos

Shanon Butcher is a 25-year-old mum of three from Tamworth, NSW who has been using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to help her lose weight, get healthy and have healthy pregnancies for the last 4.5yrs.  Shannon tells us,

“I’ve lost 34 kgs with the Healthy Mummy over the last  4.5 years and also have enjoyed 2 x Healthy Mummy pregnancies.”

“It’s okay to stop along the way just don’t give up! I have stopped it’s taken me 4.5 years to get here, three babies in that time.”

“I’m so much fitter and have so much more energy! I have never ever been so confident in my body. My mental health hasn’t ever been this good either,” she says.

Shan says, ‘This month marks my 5 years with The Healthy Mummy

My journeys haven’t been easy I have had to start over 3 x after each pregnancy.! But I can finally say I have made it! This is the happiest I have ever been in my life and I have overcome uncomfortable bloating and a lot of self doubt to feel super healthy and strong.

I love the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and have a Healthy Mummy smoothie every day, as the Vanilla tummy smoothie is my all time favourite! It has helped so much with my bloating. My tummy feels so settled & flatter after having it.

Shan’s 3 tips for success

  1. Track your calories

  2. Set goals to work towards

  3. Stay positive and if you stumble, just start again!

Shannon tells us, “It all takes time. It’s okay to stop just don’t ever give up! Anything is possible.”

Congratulations Shannon, you are a great inspiration to us all!

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