Stop watching others succeed; time to create your own SUCCESS

Single mum-of-three urges other mums to stop sitting on the sidelines wishing they were having weight loss success, rather start achieving your own success.
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Success can be measured in many different ways. For single mum-of-three Taliah, living a healthy lifestyle and setting a good example for her children is her definition of success.

Fed up with feeling uncomfortable in her body and feeling sorry for herself, all while watching other mums lose weight and improve their lives, Taliah knew it was time to make a BIG change.

And that she did! She now encourages other mums to do the same.

Read about Taliah’s transformational journey below.


Taliah’s motivating weight loss story

Mum Taliah Charlton is not one to take too much notice of the scales. It is her comparison photos, measurements and overall wellbeing that are proof of her success.

And with that as her benchmark, she is most definitely SUCCEEDING!

She says “I am a single mumma of three beautiful babies and I am on this journey to be the healthiest mumma I can be and set good examples for my beautiful children.

In my journey so far I have already lost quite a lot of weight.

I could not tell you exactly how much because I don’t go by the scales I go by comparison photos and measurements”.

Taliah says she loves The Healthy Mummy because the results speak for themselves.

“The meals are amazing, cheap, quick and easy and you do not feel like you’re restricted or tied to any fad diets whatsoever – which is AMAZING!”


The Smoothies are DELICIOUS.  And the workouts are GREAT!


Talhia starts her day with a Healthy Mummy smoothie for breakfast. It is the perfect breakfast for this busy mum of three as she drops the kids to school.

Her favourite flavour is choc fudge smoothie.

She says “I LOVE LOVE LOVE breakfast time!

I have a smoothie EVERY MORNING now because they are just so delicious and I can change it up every day.

This morning my smoothie contained:

Well that one certainly sounds delicious Taliah!.

Click here for more delicious smoothie recipes.

“After school drop off I’m going to go on a long walk seeing as though I’m kid free and just have bubs in the pram”.


“I will also be doing lots of housework, updating my goal board, and doing my fitness test!”. Way to go Taliah!

Taliah’s transformation from a person ‘B’ to a person ‘A’


Taliah has noticed a shift in the person she was before The Healthy Mummy vs now. She says “The person on the left is who I used to be, why? Because I was had a person ‘B’ mindset and rather than a person ‘A’ mindset

A person ‘B’ is someone who sits back and watches all the person ‘A’s succeeding and wishing they were too, but never actually doing anything about it.

A person ‘B’ looks at all the differences between themselves and a person ‘A’ rather than looking for the similarities.

I am not a person ‘B’ anymore though, I am now a person ‘A’.

I work for what I want, I push myself to get there, I don’t dwell on things. I just make them happen!

I don’t sit back and watch other’s succeeding and wish that was me because it is me now!!!

AND to top it all off I look at all the similarities rather than the differences between me and someone else.

I realise now that wherever each and every one of us is in our journeys we are all in it for the same reason”.

Advice to other mums

Taliah offers some very good advice to other mums who might be wanting to change their lives.

She says “We are all tired but we keep on pushing ourselves anyway, and we are all on the right track to reaching our goals.

Don’t be a person ‘B’ like I was. Be a person ‘A’ like me and everyone else who has signed up to this amazing 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

In the pic on the left, I was so down in the dumps about my body and wouldn’t do anything to change it.

I would just sit feeling sorry for myself while I ate my feelings away – one chocolate, cake, or lollie after another.

I hated myself, I had no confidence, I barely wanted to leave the house because I didn’t want people seeing me that way.

Now I am the person on the right and that person is HAPPY, HEALTHY, and CONFIDENT.

If I get angry I don’t go and eat my feelings like the person I was on the left. Instead, I work out, and put all of my frustration into my work out!

I will be forever grateful for The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge, the App, the recipes, the workouts and my favourite – the smoothies”.

Such fantastic advice Taliah. The Healthy Mummy team just love that you are carving out your own success. CONGRATULATIONS!

Create your own success. Start your weight loss journey today with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Challenge generic

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