This mum once weighed 140kg at her heaviest, but she’s now down 32kg!

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Hayley says she knew something had to change when she found it hard to get up from the floor after playing with her baby.

At her heaviest she reveals she was 140kg, and she decided to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge after having her second baby after her weight had crept up again.

Hayley lost 24kg after her first child and 22kg after her second. “My heaviest was 140kg and I’m now 108kg,” she says.

Hayley Campbell before and after

Hayley’s journey

Hayley has gone from a size 22-24 to a size 14-16 and is now aiming to weigh 90kg.

“I have had physio, so it restrict my exercise. Old injuries have flared up but my desire to get to my goal weight. It’s kept me going,” Hayley said.

One way to encourage herself to exercise is to join fun group exercise events such as Miss Muddy and Obstacle Hell. This way, Hayley has to run 5km and she reveals she participates in parkrun most weekends.

Hayley says, “My biggest victory is that I no longer have to fight to make the right choices. I don’t exercise anymore because I feel I have to, I exercise because I love it and love how it makes me feel!”


The mama reveals she meal preps every 3 or 4 days so that means that time in the kitchen is kept to a minimal. Hayley freezes what she preps so she has lots of frozen meal options for work lunches.

“I live rurally so food is very expensive and we don’t have much variety so I make sure I use cheap veg when it’s on special and repeat meals to save wastage,” says Hayley.

“It still shocks me to look back and think about how much I have changed in mind, body, determination, fitness and health. All because I took a chance and committed myself to this lifestyle!”

Join Haley on a lifestyle change and begin the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to find your determination.

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