How this mum lost 7.5kg in JUST 8 weeks!

Vanetta is 28 years old and is a mum of three. Amazingly, she's lost 7.5kg in JUST eight weeks by following our 8 Week Challenge.
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Vanetta is 28 years old and is a mum of three. Amazingly, she’s lost 7.5kg in JUST eight weeks by following our 8 Week Challenge

“I started at 114.3kg, and I refused to weigh myself throughout because I didn’t want to let my mind get caught up in the numbers. At the end of the first eight weeks, I dropped down to 106.8kg – I lost a total of 7.5kg.”

How this mum lost 7.5kg in JUST 8 weeks!

This INCREDIBLE mum has made a huge difference in just 8 weeks!

In fact, Vanetta says she was 130kg after she gave birth to her last child.

I was at my largest my body was unfit, and I struggled to my better choices with food,” she says.“I didn’t want to risk getting postnatal depression with all the overwhelming feelings surrounding my situation

“Deep down inside, I knew that exercise was something I’d never tried in my life. I was also able to stay home and do it.

“When The Healthy Mummy app said it was made for busy mums, they meant it, but it’s super easy to find 30 mins in the house by myself to do something that I know is going to make me feel better for the rest of the day.”

Vanetta’s pledge

Remarkably, Vanetta says the biggest shift in the last eight weeks was her mental health.

“Even though I still have down days 90% of the time, my mind is clear and free and happy; physically, I’m able to balance,” she says.

“Before I started this journey, I hadn’t run more than 1km now, and I can finally run 1.5km without tiring out or running out of breath!

“My skin feels and looks amazing, and I feel stronger within my body but also within my confidence.”

Best of all, Vanetta says she will keep going.

“I’m able to stay in the comfort of my own home. I will keep pushing through and proving to myself that I can achieve anything as long as I’m consistent, I won’t fail,” she adds.

“I know for myself I really wanted this, so you have to find deep down in your core why you want this because it’s easy to fall off if you aren’t strong enough to push yourself through the hard times..but everything so far has been 100% worth it, and I refuse to look back.

“Do it for you. The best type of love is the love you have for yourself.”

8 week challenge

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