What exactly is water weight and how do you lose it?

You may notice your weight fluctuate. The reason behind it may be down to water weight. But what exactly is it?
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You may notice your weight fluctuate throughout the day or week, regardless of what you are eating or even if you are eating consistently.

The reason behind it may be down to water weight, and you can find the scales going up as much as 2kg from it in a single day.

But what exactly is ‘water weight’ and how do you lose it?

Everything you need to know about water weight and how to lose it

Our bodies are roughly around 60% water but sometimes we store excess water, also known as water retention or edema.

When water builds up if can cause your stomach to look more bloated and you may also feel heavier and more sluggish.

It’s very common and there’s no need to see you GP, unless you experience bloating or puffing and feel uncomfortable. It could be an indicator of heart or kidney disease.

Women often experience more water retention during their period each month.

What causes water weight

  • Food laced with salt
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Heart or kidney disease
  • Medications
  • Lack of exercise

How to lose water weight

  1. Reduce your salt intake

Avoid sodium-rich foods if you want to reduce water weight. In fact, you may hold onto more water if you consume too much salt. This is because the body likes to keep its sodium-to-water ratio in balance.

  1. Drink more water

This one kinda makes no sense… but drinking water can help you lose the water weight as you may be holding onto it because you are dehydrated.

Drinking more water also helps boost your metabolism and fuller for longer, as you may just be thirsty and not hungry.

  1. Exercise

By exerting yourself, you will sweat out or breathe out the extra water weight you are carrying around.

Exercise may also help reduce the bloating and puffiness in your legs and feet, as it helps stimulate blood flow and improve your circulation.

  1. Watch your carb intake

Eating too many carbohydrates may encourage your body to turn those particular carbs into glycogen, which is stored in your muscles with water.

  1. Sleep

By getting enough sleep, you may be helping your body control your hydration levels and minimise water retention.

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