10 awesome ways to hide your pregnancy until you’re ready to tell

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Many mums-to-be don’t feel comfortable sharing their pregnancy news with friends and colleagues until they reach that all important 12 week milestone, when they know all is okay after their scan.

So HOW do you hide that little bump plus the fact that you’re feeling nauseous and tired for the time being? Check out some of these clever ways below…


10 clever ways to hide your pregnancy in the first trimester

1. Pretend you’re on a detox


Experts advise pregnant women to steer away from eating soft cheese and drinking too much coffee.

So why not say you’re on a detox if you’re not ready to tell? That way when you order a juice with ginger in it, it looks like it’s part of your ‘new diet’ when really it’s just remedy to stop the pregnancy sickness.

2. Get your partner involved

Just found you’re expecting but have a wedding come up on the calendar? Before you create an elaborate excuse to get out of it, use a little white lie instead.

Claim you’re doing a fitness challenge, like a fun run, and get your partner involved in the white lie. It may help divert suspicious eyes away from your tummy if you both aren’t drinking alcohol at the wedding reception.

3. Don’t touch the bump


Pregnant women tend to touch their tums more than usual, claim experts.

So try not to touch your stomach at your desk or around your friends if you can avoid it!

4. Mocktails all the way

Going for drinks with your girlfriends or colleagues but don’t want to order anything alcoholic?

Problem solved – order alcohol free cocktails. Not only do they look the same they taste great too! Just don’t let anyone accidentally sip your drink or hear you ordering the virgin mojito at the bar!

5. Wear baggy clothing


Pencil skirts aren’t going to take the eyes away from your tummy during the first trimester, so loose fitting clothing or clothing with lots of colour and pattern will help distract your bump. If your office allows causal clothing, why not try wearing a loose fitting maxi dress in summer or a jumper dress with stockings in winter? Or wear a scarf and let it hang down over your tummy.

If you don’t want to draw suspicion then don’t wear maternity jeans that has a piece of material that strethces over your tummy. If you lift your hands up then a beady-eyed colleague may notice the extra material and foil your secret!

6. Serial dentist appointments

Pregnant women may have a heap of doctor and scan appointments lined up in the first trimester, so why not subtly tell your boss you’ve got a dentist appointment and need to have various teeth extracted or need a crown put in.

It make take the heat off about why you need to duck out for an extended lunch or leave work early. Once you tell your bosses your happy news, you can come clean about the need for so many ‘dentist appointments’ and we’re sure they’ll understand.

7. Get a hair cut

You’re going to look a little different if you’re pregnant – like putting on weight around you mid section – so why not do your make-up differently or get a hair cut.

People will see the difference in you but put it down to your new look.

8. Drink more water


Need to go to the bathroom twice as much as you used to do at work? Make a point of drinking more water, so if you need to go more frequently it doesn’t draw attention.

Water will definitely be needed if you’re feeling dehydrated from being sick.

9. Snack discreetly

You’re bound to be hungry more of the time these days, so if you used to be a light eater try munching at your desk when you’re alone, during your lunch break or coffee break.

10. Be the designated driver

If you’re going out for drinks then offer to drive, you could say you’re watching your money or have an appointment first thing the next morning. It’s a great excuse for why you’re not drinking alcohol.

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