15 things you can expect from the second trimester

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You’ve survived the tiredness, nausea, mood swings and secret-keeping of the first trimester and you’re not quite waddling or experiencing the backache of the third trimester. So what can you expect to happen in the second phase of pregnancy, which is often hailed the BEST of the three?

To begin with, you can openly talk about it – something that has no doubt been on your mind EVERY. TWO. MINUTES since you saw two lines pop up on the test. Naturally! But what other changes are there?


15 things you can expect from the second trimester

1. Your energy returns

The extreme tiredness you experienced daily during the first trimester will miraculously disappear, and you’ll find you have a surge of energy you’ve been longing for. Hip hip hooray!

Napping and early bed times will be a thing of the past. But take it easy, you’ll need all the energy you can muster for the next phase – and labour!

2. No more sickness!

Not every woman experiences the same symptoms during pregnancy, but many mums-to-be say they noticed that the dreaded pregnancy sickness eased up for them around week 12-14.

3. Your taste buds come back

Did you notice you stopped drinking tea or eating all of your favourite foods during the first three months? This is because your sense of smell and taste goes back to normal during the second trimester.

Soon you’ll be wanting all of your favourite things again! Hurrah!

4. You can socialise more

You found yourself running to the bathroom during the first trimester, but your new found energy may make you feel like going out for walks or socialising more. Enjoy it while you can, as you may start having to slow down during the next trimester as you get bigger.

As for exercise, speak to your GP about what’s best for you.

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5. You’ll have more sleepless nights

The constant napping of the first trimester ceases but you may find it goes the other way and you can’t sleep as well! As you grow you may find it harder to get comfortable at night.

Experts recommend that pregnant women sleep on their side, and you can use maternity pillows to help you get comfy.

6. You could become a hair model

Your locks will become more luscious and glossy thanks to those pregnancy hormones. However, the extra hair may not just be on your head but on your belly too.

This will usually change back to normal once you give birth.

7. You may lose your breath

Breathlessness is very common during pregnancy. It may be due to the increase of the hormone progesterone surging around your body, which causes you to breathe more deeply.

If you have any concerns about your breathing, we advise you speak to your health care practitioner.

8. Your wardrobe will change

You may have felt your jeans getting a bit tighter over the last few months, but during the second phase you may need to purchase some more accommodating, comfy clothes.

Experts recommend mums-to-be invest in a maternity bra, which doesn’t have any underwire as that can interfere with your milk production.

9. You may experience heartburn

More than half of all pregnant women reveal they suffer heartburn during their second and third trimester. Although it’s common and harmless, it may be quite uncomfortable.

Speak with your GP for treatment for it.

10. You could become forgetful

It’s a phenomenon that’s also known as ‘baby brain’ that appears during the second trimester, although no-one is quite sure why it happens. It may be due to the physical changes your body is going through.


11. You’ll find that pregnancy glow

You may start feeling A LOT better in the second trimester if the nausea subsides, and it will show on your face too. The increase of hormones create what’s known as ‘pregnancy glow’. 

12. You may experience constipation

A common complaint is the constipation expectant mothers experience is constipation, and it’s more prevalent during the second trimester.

Hormone levels slow down the bowel movements, and some women say they only release their bowels a couple of times a week.

If you are concerned about your bowel movements, you can speak to your GP.

13. Your gums may bleed

Pregnancy hormonal changes may make your gums more inflamed as well as red tender or more likely to bleed when you floss of brush them.

You can speak to your dentist if you are concerned about your teeth and gums.

14. You won’t be able to leave your husband alone!

You may have been too sick for any bedroom action during the first trimester, but this will all change!

The extra blood that flows to your genitals and the extra oestrogen in your body may make you feel like an adult film star. Your hubby will won’t mind at all, we’re sure!

15. You can feel the baby

You would’ve felt your uterus contracting during the first three months, but you should actually be able to feel your baby’s first movements between week 16 and week 25 for the first time. How exciting!

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