Weight Loss Mum of the Year: Zena Mason has lost 20kg whilst also overcoming grief and loss

Zena Mason is one resilient and inspiring mum, over the past few years, she has faced many hardships and tragedies, however, she found the courage, strength and power, to take back some of the control in her life and focus on her health losing 20kg in the process.
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Zena Mason is one resilient and inspiring mum, over the past few years, she has faced many hardships and tragedies – including the loss of her gorgeous little girl. With her unimaginable heartache and other curve balls, life has thrown Zena’s way, there was a time she says, food became one of her greatest comforts.

However, Zena found the courage, strength and power, to take back some of the control in her life and focus on her health to not only improve her own well-being but her families – particularly her son.

Zena has since lost an amazing 20kgs with the help of The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

And we have no doubt after reading her story you too will be in awe of her strength and see why we chose her as one of The Healthy Mummy Weight Loss Mums of the Year for 2018.

Zena Mason WLMOTY

Zena’s Healthy Mummy journey

“I joined The Healthy Mummy in July 2017 I was 100kg, about to return to work and my 7-month-old son got diagnosed with cows milk protein intolerance, finding The Healthy Mummy was literally such a huge relief it took the thought process out of everything!

I have lost 20kg with The Healthy Mummy, 38kg in total since the birth of my son all while extended breastfeeding he is 23 months.

I have hit a bit of a plateau due to life issues but have maintained it. How I managed to lose weight while working, running a Healthy Mummy Consultants page, breastfeeding and waking to a toddler every two hours is beyond me but I’m forever grateful.”

We tired just thinking about it Zena!

Zena Mason 20kg WLMOTY

“After gaining extra weight I set myself a goal to get my weight down to 75kgs at which point I would start trying for another baby.

Not only did I want to lose weight, I knew it was important that I established a good routine and work out my comfort food triggers before I started a third pregnancy.

Before I joined The Healthy Mummy I couldn’t cook very well. I had a son who was starting solids and I was petrified. I didn’t want him to face the same issues I did and I didn’t know where to start.

Fast forward to today. I know what is going into every meal I make. He is served up the same food that we eat, even if I know some of it he won’t eat. It’s important to me that I expose him to different foods.”

A confluence of events

“It’s been a huge few years for me; in April 2015 I found my dad after 28 years, in July 2015 I was pregnant with my firstborn, and in December 2015 I found out she was incompatible with life and she was sent to the heavens.

In March 2016 I fell pregnant with my son and in July 2016 my brother took his own life, I lost myself.

The pregnancy after the loss was hard but the other situation made it even harder.

In January 2017 I decided to take control of my life I tried to do it on my own and it wasn’t until July 2017 I joined The Healthy Mummy that things started to change for me. From July 2017 to now I have worked, breastfed every two hours and from January 2018 I was a Healthy Mummy consultant… and still managed it all with some setbacks but always moving forward.”

You are such an inspiration to all Zena not just for what you have overcome but your positive attitude!

Zean-Mason 20kg Nov18

The best thing about The Healthy Mummy

“When I joined I was heading back to work with an 8-month-old and I needed something easy to use because I wasn’t a great cook and something that would allow for allergies as my son got diagnosed with cows milk protein intolerance – it [28 Day Weight Loss Challenge] ticked all the boxes.

I have learnt so much body love with The Healthy Mummy I remember seeing the all the photoshoots with all the ladies of different shapes and sizes on their page and it is the reason why I decided to share my first underwear before and after. I mean I did a box jump in my underwear I don’t even know who I am anymore haha!”

You have had quite a journey the last few years Zena but your persistence, positive attitude and determination to never give up is an inspiration to all. Congratulations on being one of our Weight Loss Mums of the Year for 2018 and we can’t wait to watch you have continued success.

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