The Healthy Mummy 2018 Weight Loss Mums of the Year winners lose over 200kg!

We are SOOOOOO excited to announce the totally INSPIRING and AMAZING Healthy Mummy Weight Loss Mums Of The Year, 2018 WINNERS.

After collecting your votes, we have six incredible winners.  All six of these mums have had the most life-changing and inspirational weight loss journeys and transformations, and they are all worthy winners.


Weight Loss Mums of the Year 2018 Rhian Allen

Here are your 2018 Weight Loss WINNERS

1. Jenni Wright

Jenni lost 35kg and gained the strength and confidence to move onwards and upwards after being in a violent relationship for 18 years.

Jenni Wright 35kgs WMOTY

Single mum-of-two Jenni found The Healthy Mummy program when she needed it most – after coming out of a long-term abusive relationship.

With the encouragement and support of mums in The Healthy Mummy support group and with Healthy Mummy smoothies and exercise, she was able to lose 35kg, regain her strength and self-worth, and be the best mum possible for her two sons. Helping them through another unexpected tragedy which involved the suicide of their father.

Jenni says “After leaving a domestic violence relationship of 18 years, I was depressed overweight and so unhappy. I’d forgotten who I was.  

Jenni Wright 35kg 091118e

A couple of years later I stumbled across the amazing Healthy Mummy mum Rae Willingham on Facebook! This beautiful soul gave me that glimpse of hope I needed that I could lose the weight, so I bit the bullet and started the Healthy Mummy smoothies and exercise.

Rae made me believe, gave me the kick up the butt I needed at times and the support on my Healthy Mummy journey!

I got happy and strong again just when I needed it most in my life. My ex-partner (my boys’ father) had taken his own life and I had no other choice but to be strong for my children.”

Jenni Wright 35kg Nov18 active

Jenni believes she wouldn’t have gotten through this period if she had been the person she was before discovering The Healthy Mummy.

She says “I’ve lost 35kgs on my Healthy Mummy journey and I really can not thank you all enough. It really has changed my life.”

2. Chloe Cox

Gluten intolerant mum with 3 children under 4 years old successfully lost 40kg in 15 months following her third baby and is no longer an emotional eater.

Chloe Cox 40kg WLMOTY

25-year-old mum Chloe discovered The Healthy Mummy late one night after having her second child. She knew she needed to change her ways for her health so that she could be the best mum to her kids.

She says, “I needed something that catered for time-poor mums (having two kids under two myself) and would be suitable for my gluten-free needs and while breastfeeding.”

By following Challenge meal plans and Healthy Mummy smoothies (which she continued while breastfeeding) she managed to lose 40kgs in 15 months.  Soon after, Chloe had more good news – she was pregnant again.

During this pregnancy, she says “I continued using The Healthy Mummy pregnancy smoothies and nutritional products and making nutritious meals from the Challenge (modifying things as needed)”.

I had my healthiest and first low-risk complication-free pregnancy which I believe was all because of The Healthy Mummy!”

Chloe Cox 40kgs Nov18

Chloe’s son was born in January 2018 – it was her 3rd c section in 3 1/2 years. She is now mum to a 3-year-old girl, a 2-year-old and an 11-month-old boy.

Recovery was a bit harder, life was busier and Chloe had hormonal issues resulting in some weight gain post birth. She says “Thankfully it has all been resolved and I have lost that weight.

Since then my husband and I have split, but with the tools, I have from The Healthy Mummy and what I have learnt, I have managed to avoid emotional eating and continued to make progress towards my goal.

I am a little bit off my lowest weight but I know I will get there!”

3. Bec Jackson

Bec has lost 27kg in 13 months (despite having PCOS); and is the strongest, leanest and healthiest she has been in her adult life. 

Bec jackson 27kg WLMOTY

Bec Jackson has overcome a lifetime of being overweight due to PCOS. She is now 27kg lighter and dropped 4 dress sizes in just 13 months by following The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and putting in the hard work.

Having struggled with weight since puberty she was then diagnosed with PCOS at 19 and lost several pregnancies as a result of hormonal and weight problems. Then a faulty IUD which perforated her uterus led to additional weight gain.

This 39-year-old (now mum-of-four) says she struggled to lose the baby weight after each pregnancy so on 31 October 2017 following the birth of her 4th child, she joined The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

Bec Jackson 27kg Nov18

Bec says “I started The Healthy Mummy program on 31 October 2017 and since then have lost 27kg and 160cm. I’ve gone from wearing a size 16 to a 6/8. I’ve gone from pre-obese BMI to a healthy range. Reduced my body fat from 43% to 18%. Transformed my mindset from feeling ashamed and embarrassed by my body to empowered, confident and self-loving.

I’m the strongest, leanest, fittest and healthiest I’ve been in my adult life. At almost 40 years old I’ve smashed goals I never even dreamed of.

In 13 Challenges I’ve seen what The Healthy Mummy and consistency and dedication can do. I live The Healthy Mummy life and love The Healthy Mummy and will always be one now!”


4. Sally Stepniewski

Sally has lost 41kg in 14 months and gained the physical and mental strength to stay strong during her mother’s terminal Cancer journey.


Sally Stepniewski 41kg WLMOTY

As a full-time working mum to three kids (5 year old twins and a 2 year old), and who is currently in and out of hospital caring for her mum who has been diagnosed with incurable cancer, Sally is proof that despite any challenges you might be going through, you shouldn’t give up on your goal to lose weight and live your best and healthiest life.

She says “I want to show mums out there that anything is possible. 2018 has been a tough year, but through it all, I haven’t given up!

41kgs gone forever and I couldn’t have done it without the support of the incredible Healthy Mummy support groups and nutritional products.

sally-stepniewski-41kg 27_11_18

Sally says “My mum is incredibly sick at the moment (actually in ICU as we speak). Earlier this year she was identified as incurable from Cancer and has been given a limited time.

My mum is my world (as is my kids and hubby), so 2018 has been tough with an emotional rollercoaster of scares, actually losing her briefly, ICU hospital trips and enjoying every moment we can.”

Out of appreciation for the incredible work and support the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre has offered her mum and her entire family Sally took part in Run Melbourne and raised $1500 for the Centre.

Sally Stepniewski 41kg Nov18 beach

A passionate and active member of The Healthy Mummy community, Sally continues to inspire as many women as she can to live The Healthy Mummy lifestyle.

She says “I am so passionate about everything Healthy Mummy and all that I have gained (and lost) over the last 18 months – from a physical, mental and confidence point of view.”

 5. Stephanie Marriott

Stephanie swapped quick fix diets for a healthy eating plan and achieved 19kg weight loss goal in 10 months and has successfully maintained weight for 2 years.

Stephanie-Marriott 19kg WLMOTY

Having been overweight the majority of her adult life and tried every “diet” under the sun, from cabbage soup diets to the pre-packaged expensive calorie restricted meals Stephanie says “I don’t really ever remember a time where I was happy with my weight or the way I looked or felt.” 

Then after gaining further weight while breastfeeding her first child. She says “This was shocking to me, as I was told I could eat ‘whatever I wanted’ when breastfeeding.

I tried to start an at-home exercise program, but being the heaviest I’d ever been, even doing a simple squat was an enormous effort.”

As I didn’t change my diet at all, the little amount of exercise I tried to do had no effect whatsoever.”

Shortly afterwards, Stephanie fell pregnant with her 2nd baby and then her 3rd following not long after that.

Steph Marriott 19kg Nov18 Bikini

Noticing a friend who had amazing results using The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and Smoothies, Stephanie took the leap and signed up to The Healthy Mummy Challenges for 3 months. At the time she had 3 children under 4 (her youngest being 1 week old) and she weighed 77kg.

She says “My love for The Healthy Mummy was evident after only a short few weeks. I was eating over 2200 calories a day, breastfeeding and in my first 10 weeks, I had lost an astonishing 10kg and was nearly at my ‘goal weight’. I was hooked forever!

Despite an upheaval and concerns for an unwell parent in the Winter 2016, Stephanie says “My weight loss slowed during this time, but with the tools from the Challenge App and the support of The Healthy Mummy community, I never felt like giving up.

By October 2016, Stephanie had lost 16kg. Her only exercise – walking, squatting, and following the Healthy Mummy Exercise DVD at home. After joining a mums and bubs exercise class she lost another 3kgs.

Stephanie says “I have been maintaining my weight loss ever since, just by eating The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meals and drinking The Healthy Mummy Smoothies.

StephMarriott 19kg Nov18

The Healthy Mummy is unlike anything I’ve ever come across before. It teaches you about healthy food swaps, correct portion sizes and how to cook delicious family-friendly meals. And most importantly, that you don’t need to restrict calories to an unhealthy low amount.

I will always be a Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge member, there are so many recipes released every month that I couldn’t bear to miss out.”

6. Zena Mason

Despite the loss of three family members in just a few years, Mum Zena has found the strength to turn her health and life around. Losing 20kg, and gaining the confidence to do things she never thought possible.

Zena Mason 20kg WLMOTY

Mum Zena has been through more than most mums could deal with these past few years. But as the true warrior that she is, she has picked herself up and is making every day count. Losing 20kg since 2017 while breastfeeding and finding confidence in her body and mind to be the best possible role model to her son.

She says “It’s been a huge few years for me. In April 2015 I found my dad after 28 years. In July 2015 I was pregnant with my firstborn, and in December 2015 I found out she was incompatible with life and she was sent to the heavens. In March 2016 I fell pregnant with my son and in July 2016 my brother took his own life. I lost myself!”

But instead of giving up, Zena decided to take control of her life and health. After joining The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges in July 2017, things started to change.

zena-mason-20kg Nov18

She says “When I joined the Challenges I was heading back to work, I had an 8-month-old and needed something easy to follow because I wasn’t a great cook.

I also needed something that would cater to allergies as my son had recently been diagnosed with cows milk protein intolerance. The Healthy Mummy Challenge meal plan ticked all the boxes. Finding it was such a huge relief as it took the thought process out of everything!”.

Zena has lost 20kg with The Healthy Mummy, 38kg since the birth of her son; all while extended breastfeeding (he is 23 months).

Zena-Mason 20kg Nov18

Not only has Zena lost weight her confidence is soaring. Referring to the recent Healthy Mummy body confident swimsuit photoshoot, she says “I’ve learnt so much about ‘body love’ with The Healthy Mummy.  Seeing the all the photoshoots with all the ladies of different shapes and sizes on their page is the reason why I decided to share my first before and after underwear photo on the support group pages.

Surprised by her new confidence she says “I did a box jump in my underwear! I don’t even know who I am anymore!

How I managed to lose weight while working running a Healthy Mummy page, breastfeeding and waking to a toddler every two hours is beyond me but I’m forever grateful.”

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We here at The Healthy Mummy are so proud of not just these six mums but all the amazing mums in our Healthy Mummy Community!

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