5 ways your clitoris may change during pregnancy!

Missed periods, tender breasts, an expanding tummy...but many expecting mamas say their CLITORIS changes throughout pregnancy too.
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Pregnancy is a whirlwind of transformation for your body. You know about the bump, the cravings, and maybe even the weird dreams. But what about your downstairs situation? Yep, your lady bits go through some pretty interesting shifts too, and the clitoris is no exception!

Get ready for some surprises (don’t worry, they’re all totally normal) as we explore five fascinating ways your clitoris can transform during pregnancy. We’re talking swelling, sensitivity shifts, and even a potential power-up in the pleasure department. So, grab a cup of tea (or something stronger, no judgement!), and let’s dive into the wonderful world of pregnancy clitoris changes!


How your clitoris may change during pregnancy

1. It can swell


According to Australian obstetrician Dr. Alex Polyakov, the clitoris may become swollen as the blood flows down during pregnancy.

“Vaginal and clitoral changes are related to increased blood flow to these areas, as well as others,” he says.

“In pregnancy there is generalised dilatation of small blood vessels supplying genital areas as well as other mucous membranes, such as nasal mucosa.

“This is the reason why nose bleeds in pregnancy are more common.”

2. It could change colour

Rising hormone levels and increased blood flow may also cause your clitoris to change colour and become darker.

“Colour changes are also related to increased hormone levels and increased blood flow,” says Dr. Alex. 

“Some colour changes in hormone sensitive areas such as areolae of breasts and labial and clitoral regions may be permanent but will probably fade with time.”

Meanwhile, obstetrician and gynaecologist Dr. Joseph Sgroi says don’t be alarmed if it goes a bit blue in appearance!

He says: “Women may notice the skin change colour during the second trimester of pregnancy. It’s not uncommon to have a blue tinge all over, which is also normal during pregnancy.”

3. It may become more sensitive


Blood flow to the region could also cause soreness for some women – or sensitivity for others.

“Due to swelling, increased blood flow and occasional venous congestion clitoris and labia can be painful and sex in general may also produce some pain,” says Dr. Alex.

4. You could experience better orgasms


However, other women may not feel any pain, only pleasure.

“Blood flow and increased levels or oestrogen and progesterone may produce physiological changes common in pregnancy, such as heightened sexual pleasure and increased ease in achieving orgasm,” explains Dr. Alex.

“Some women may experience an orgasm for the first time in pregnancy or become multi-orgasmic.”

5. It may become veiny

Dr. Joseph says that many pregnant women develop varicose veins during pregnancy, and they can also appear on the clitoris too.

“With a combination of an increased blood flow and a growing uterus, some women may develop vulvar varicose veins,” he says. “These may present but on the labia / clitoris and sometimes on the upper inner thigh.”

Changes after pregnancy

But while it’s common for pregnant women to notice these changes to their clitoris, Dr. Alex says more often than not your clitoris will go back to normal after you’ve given birth.


“These symptoms usually resolve after pregnancy, but may be affected in a variety of ways by breastfeeding,” he says.

If you are are pregnant and concerned about the changes you’ve noticed with your clitoris, we advise you to speak with your GP or midwife.

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