7 EMBARRASSING things you can talk to your pharmacist about!

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Sometimes we suffer from what we think are slightly embarrassing (and rather personal) health issues that we just don’t feel comfortable talking to our family and friends about.

You have made an appointment with your doctor, but can’t get in for another day or so. So who can you chat too?


Amal senior pharmacist, James Neville, reminds us that your pharmacist can be a go-to-source when you have sometimes-embarrassing health questions to ask. Pharmacists can shed light on your questions and concerns and help you address the issue, especially if they are not major health complaints.


7 embarrassing things you can talk to your pharmacist about

Here are the sorts of ’embarrassing’ health questions you can feel comfortable asking your pharmacist!

1. Period talk – “My last period was a bit different to normal”


Despite the fact that almost all women from the age of puberty experience periods, many people feeling uncomfortable discussing changes to their menstrual cycle.

“Every woman has a different experience and a different cycle, so it’s important that you voice any concerns you have,” says James.

“Changes in menstrual cycles can indicate changes or problems within your body, and it’s important that if there are problems – such as iron deficiency and / or anaemia – that they are identified and treated early on.”

Pharmacists can shed light on what is normal and what probably needs a little closer attention.

2. Constipation – “I’ve not been to the toilet in days”


When your bowels aren’t functioning like they normally do it can be very painful, embarrassing and uncomfortable.

“The cause for bowel problems can stem from diet, lifestyle or more serious health conditions,” says James.

“Your pharmacist can help you identify the causes of bowel problems and make suggestions to help manage the discomfort of uncontrollable bowels.”

3. Sex issues – “It feels wrong down there”


If you feel that something isn’t right, then it’s best you talk to someone after you had a sexual encounter. Whether it be something that’s easily treatable like thrush or anything else. Your pharmacist can give you a better idea of what’s going on down there and point you in the right direction.

“Conversely, if you are planning a sexual encounter and want to ensure you have the highest level of protection available, your pharmacist can help you,” says James.

4. Changes in urine – “I’ve noticed blood in my wee”

It can sometimes be at the bottom of your health priorities, but it’s SO important to have healthy, functioning kidneys!

“Talking to your pharmacist and undergoing a kidney health check can monitor the health of your kidneys and assist with early detection if there is an issue,” says James.

5. Skin breakouts – “My skin’s erupted”

Acne skin because the disorders of sebaceous glands productions, Human skin Acne

Some people are more susceptible to acne than others – no matter their age.

“Acne can be caused by many things, including an imbalance of hormones, clogged pores of stress,” says James.

“You can speak to your pharmacist to get more information on how best to manage your skin and avoid pimples in the future.”

6. Lack of vitamin D – “I look really pale”

Despite living in a sunny country, recent studies may suggest that sun awareness causes people to hide away from it. This can then cause vitamin D deficiency.

“30 per cent of Australia’s adult population is considered vitamin D deficient,” says James.

“If you feel you are at risk of vitamin D deficiency, your pharmacist can advise you on where to get tested and how to manage it.”

7. Lack of energy – “I’m constantly sleepy and feel sluggish”

Something us busy mums know all about! However, if you’re feeling unusually tired other factors may be at play.

“It’s a common misconception that fatigue is caused by disrupted sleep,” says James.

“The external pressures of everyday life can cause fatigue, but it can also be a symptom of other health issues that need to be managed – including iron deficiency.”

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