4 BRAND NEW Offers To Celebrate 70 Days To Summer

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Wow – It’s only 70 days until Summer gets here and we are super excited!!

To celebrate we have a great special offer on for members of our Healthy Mummy Community as we value you ENORMOUSLY and we like to reward you for being with us.

70 days to summer special offer

Below are your 4 SUPER special offers to take advantage of to get you SUMMER READY

1. Save 50% on this MEGA Spring Pack  new spring pack

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2. Save 50% on this BUMPER Pack
50 off bumper pack

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3. Special Discount Code

Chocolate and Berry Smoothie

Or use code SEVENTY22 to get a 25% discount on any non discounted product – SHOP HERE 

4. Only $24 a month for the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

24 a month 28 day challenge

Until SUNDAY – Join the Challenge from only $24 a month on the special deal – See all information here 

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