Competition Winners 16th May to 31st May 2023

The Healthy Mummy runs different competitions with loads of fabulous prizes to be won! See if you are one of the lucky winners!
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See if you’re a winner this month! Every month The Healthy Mummy runs A HEAP of different competitions with LOADS of fabulous prizes to be won.

Prizes include smoothies, skin care, gift cards and other goodies from our Healthy Mummy merchandise range, as well as some special handpicked items that we think our members will love!



Competition winners are chosen every few days. If you see your name in the list below, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the “CLAIM YOUR PRIZE ” button to claim (within the 14 day claim period). Please ensure you take a screenshot of your name, as shown in the list below, and upload it with your details when you submit your claim.

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16/5 Super Greens Kylie Augustus
16/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Booster Amanda Belley
17/5 Premium Smoothie Clara DiCerbo
17/5 Premium Smoothie Tina Kidman
18/5 Tummy Smoothie Jules Buxton
18/5 $50 Woolworths Voucher Paula Kirk-Clarke
19/5 Super Greens Cassie Ralis
19/5 Premium Smoothie Judi Fludder
20/5 Smoothie Booster Angel-Rose Cole
20/5 Premium Smoothie Joanne Robertson
21/5 Premium Smoothie Eloise de Guzman
21/5 $50 Woolworths Voucher Cass Leech
21/5 Premium Smoothie Kelly Dunkin
22/5 Super Greens Kylie Pinder
22/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Natasha Lee Peek
23/5 $50 Woolworths Voucher Christine Buontempi
23/5 Smoothie Booster Lyndall Jefferies
23/5 Tummy Smoothie Lelly Oats
23/5 $50 Healthy Mummy Voucher Janine Hastie
24/5 Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie Stella Mann
24/5 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Sheree Stewart
24/5 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Kathryn Downes
25/5 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Kasey Mason
25/5 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Melissa McGlone
26/5 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Melanie Arnold-Stemm
26/5 Premium Smoothie Rita Keay
27/5 $100 Iconic Voucher Amy Melillo
27/5 $50 Healthy Mummy Voucher Kobi Lennon
27/5 Premium Smoothie Michelle Heggen
27/5 Premium Smoothie Michelle Carlon
28/5 $50 Healthy Mummy Voucher Leise Davis
28/5 $50 Woolworths Voucher Alex Solomon
28/5 Premium Smoothie Serena Arland Demko
28/5 Smoothie Pack Sara Tollis
29/5 Premium Smoothie Jade Bankier
29/5 Collagen Smoothie Booster Joni Langos
29/5 $50 Healthy Mummy Shop Voucher Liz Dansie
30/5 Premium Smoothie Lauren Monteleone
30/5 Collagen Smoothie Booster Nanga Grace Marjorie Austin
31/5 Smoothie Pack Alison Lane
31/5 Premium Smoothie Nykeeta Ayling

If you experience trouble when claiming your prize, please contact us here so we can help.

ALL PRIZES MUST BE CLAIMED WITHIN 14 DAYS (claim by 15th June 2022)

Winners 20th April to 14th May 2023

20/4 $50 Woolworths Voucher Jo Lee
21/4  Healthy Mummy Skin Pack Sharon Ventura
21/4 Healthy Mummy Pink Clay Mask Jade Bankier
24/4 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Elizabeth Dennis
24/4 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Jasmine Eccles
24/4 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Joanne Robertson
24/4 Healthy Mummy Skin Pack Sarah Whitton
25/4 $50 Woolworths Voucher Kimberley Calvert
26/4 Healthy Mummy Protein Powder Tina Kidman
27/4 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Wendell Willow
27/4 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Kim Aitchison
28/4 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Amanda Camilleri Muscat
29/4 Healthy Mummy Skin Pack Amy Melio
29/4 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Gemma Crielly
30/4 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Danette Braddock
30/4 $50 Cash Mish Brooks
1/5 $25 CASH Jarny Tirosh1/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Kathryn Downes
2/5 Healthy Mummy $50 Voucher Tina Kidman
2/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Cathy Hoad
3/5 Healthy Mummy $50 Woolworths Voucher Sheryl Curran
3/5 Healthy Mummy Skin Pack Krista Hatzakortzian
4/5 Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie Kasey White
4/5 $50 Woolworths Voucher Brooke Milkins
5/5  $50 Woolworths Voucher Sarah Graham
5/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Jayy Mac
6/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Kasey Mason
6/5  Healthy Mummy Super Greens Rebecca Riley
7/5 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Brigitte Morson
7/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Ashana Spinelli
8/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Catherine Hunter
8/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Gary N Jo Pollard
8/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Amy Richens
9/5 $50 Woolworths Voucher Alison Lane
9/5 Healthy Mummy Skin Pack Mel Daunt
10/5 Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie Jodie Hamilton
10/5 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Eloise Isaia
11/5 Healthy Mummy $50 Voucher Gunjan Chhabra
11/5 $50 Woolworths Voucher Leanne Humphrey12/5 Healthy Mummy
$50 Voucher Hayley Sarcina
12/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Amanda Belley
12/5 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Jules Buxton
13/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Sarah Willard
13/5 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Jayy Mac
13/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Nykeeta Ayling
14/5 $50 Woolworths Voucher Sheila Roxby
14/5 BIG Healthy Mummy Pack Hannah Kelly
14/5 Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie Erin Em
15/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Dearne Warner-Therrien
15/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Nanga Grace Marjorie Austin
15/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Catherine Hunter
15/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Kim Vost
15/5 Healthy Mummy $50 Voucher Crystal-Joy McGuire
15/5  Healthy Mummy Skin Pack Joanne Robertson
15/5 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Booster Jeri Bee
15/5 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Tash Wagner

Winners from 3rd April to 19th April 2023

3/4 Healthy Mummy SKIN Pamper pack Bj Brown Goldspink
3/4 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Jess Hailey
5/4  Healthy Kids Smoothie Pack Chloe Hart
5/4 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Emma Cranney
6/4  Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Jodie Hamilton
11/4 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Rebecca Voukolos
11/4 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Caitlin Marie Borg
12/4 Healthy Mummy Protein Powder Tina Kidman
12/4 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Tash Wagner
12/4  Healthy Mummy $50 Woolworths Voucher Vicki Jones
12/4 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Sarah Whitton
13/4 $50 Woolworths Voucher Amy Barden
13/4 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Nicole Whitford
14/4 Healthy Mummy $50 Voucher Renee Wheeler
15/4 Healthy Mummy Carb X Hannah Kelly
15/4 Healthy Mummy Tummy Smoothie Kasey Mason
16/4 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Amanda Bonney
16/4 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Joanne Robertson
16/4 $50 Woolworths Voucher Danielle Savage
17/4 Healthy Mummy Skin Pack Kella Natividad
17/4 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Amanda Belley
17/4 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Joanne Robertson
17/4 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Leah Cassidy
17/4 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Jas Amber
18/4 Healthy Mummy Premium Smoothie Jo Lee
18/4 Healthy Mummy $50 Voucher Lelly Oats
19/4 Healthy Mummy SMOOTHIE Sheryl Curran
19/4 Healthy Mummy $50 Woolworths Voucher Kaysha Pryke
19/4 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Jayy Mac
19/4 Healthy Mummy Skin Sculpting Lotion Tracy Bloomfield

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