8 ‘health’ foods that become ‘unhealthy’ when we overeat them

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Eating to excess, even if it’s healthy food, can still lead to being overweight and the body feeling bloated and sluggish.

People tend to give themselves the freedom to indulge on things classified as ‘healthy’, but you should ALWAYS watch the quantity of food you eat.

In fact, some of our favourite ‘health’ foods actually become ‘unhealthy’ if we start having too much of them.

Here are 8 of the biggest culprits…

8 ‘healthy’ foods we shouldn’t overeat

1. Dried fruit

8 ‘health’ foods that become unhealthy when we overeat them

Whether it’s dried or regular fruit, it’s packed full of calories and concentrated sugars but it’s still a better alternative to a bag of lollies.

2. Crackers

8 ‘health’ foods that become unhealthy when we overeat them

Some crackers are low in calories but they’re extremely easy to overeat because they are so moreish! Set out crackers on a plate so you don’t have too many!

3. Almond milk

8 ‘health’ foods that become unhealthy when we overeat them

While almond milk is a healthy alternative to cow’s milk, it is often very processed and may be high in sugar, so if you want to reduce your sugar intake perhaps try mixing water in your oats instead of almond milk or skipping it in some of your coffees.

4. Coconut oil

8 ‘health’ foods that become unhealthy when we overeat them

Coconut oil contains nearly all saturated fat (and that’s not the good fat!) and it’s high in calories, so make sure you use it alongside olive oil as a healthier alternative.

5. Red wine

8 ‘health’ foods that become unhealthy when we overeat them

It’s recommended as part of a healthy diet in moderation, but bingeing on wine is going to add fat to your tummy and make you feel hungover and bloated.

6. High-fibre foods

Wholemeal pasta, bread and cereal are great for your body and digestion, but it’s important you don’t over do it or be sure to burn off those carbs to stay on track and avoid too many calories and bloating.

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7. Rice

Brown and White Rice.

Like wholemeal pasta, brown rice can make you feel sluggish if overeaten. Try swapping rice for quinoa.

8. Nuts

8 ‘health’ foods that become unhealthy when we overeat them

While a handful of nuts are a great high protein snack, many types – such as Brazilian nuts and peanuts – contain a lot of fat so just a few of these make a delicious and healthy snack!

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