8 Week Challenge FAQ’s

Q. When does the next round of the 8 Week Challenge start?
A. 23 May, 2022

Q. What is the difference between a 12 Week Challenge, 8 Week Challenge and 28 Day Challenge?
All our Healthy Mummy App members do the 28 Day Challenge each month. The 12 Week Challenge combines three 28 Day Challenges, and the 8 Week Challenge combines two 28 Day Challenges. Please click through here to read more about it.

Q. Do I need to be a Healthy Mummy app member to join
A. Yes you do – and we have a super special on here

Q. Do I need to make a pledge
A. Yes so you can be entered into the competition and so you can be accountable and state your goal. Make your pledge here

Q. Is there a specific 8 Week Challenge Support Group?
A. Yes and you will be sent the link to join our Challenge Support Group once you join

Q. I am a Healthy Mummy app member – how do I take part?
A. Easy! Go to your My account area and under My Offers all information is there – you can also make your pledge here and be sent details via email.

Q. I have joined but can’t find my 8 Week Tool Kit?
A. It is sent on your email order confirmation when you join – plus it is also in your My Account area under MY OFFERS once you become a Healthy Mummy app member

Q. Can I see results from mums on the Healthy Mummy Challenge?
A. Yes – see them here

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