8 Week and 12 Week Challenge Final Weight, Measurements and Photos

For Your Chance to Win $1,000, Share With Us Your Before & After Weight & Measurements from the 8 Week Challenge or the 12 Week Challenge!

Now that both the 8 Week and 12 Week Challenges have ended we’d LOVE to see your transformation so that you can be in the running to WIN $1,000!!!

For your chance to win simply share with us your FINAL before and after photos, and your weight and measurements from whichever challenge you took part in. If that was the 8 Week Challenge, share your results from the last 8 weeks. If you took part in the 12 Week Challenge, we can’t wait to see your results from the last 12 weeks. See the form below!

Entries close Sunday 24 July, 2022.

Congratulations – we can’t wait to see your results!


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