How to the Christmas blues to finish the year on a positive note

Do you get down or a bit overwhelmed at Christmas? You are not alone, despite the general air of joy at this time of year for some it's a less joyous time. Here are some tips to help you cope and end the year on a positive note.
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While it’s a time of celebration for some, Christmas can be an unhappy time for others. This can be due to previous trauma that occurred around this time, money problems or high expectations.

It can leave some people feeling so down that it affects the way in which they participate in the holiday season. If this sounds familiar, there are a few strategies you can use to turn these feelings around.


Tips to help you cope if you get the holiday blues

1. Take care of yourself

Ensure you know the ways in which you enjoy taking care of yourself. As mums, we quite often put our wellbeing last without realising how central we are to the family unit.

So in the spirit of Christmas, try a ‘self-care advent calendar’ where you write down when and how you will give yourself a treat every day in December. Put it up on the fridge or send it to family members so you are held accountable for completing each self-care activity.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or big but it should involve asking your partner, family or friends to watch the kids for an hour or two!

Want to take 5 minutes for yourself? Try the MIND.BODY.BREATH sessions in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge app.


2. Be mindful

The Healthy Mummy 8th Birthday Shoot, Manly 18 September 2018

The goal is to carve out some time to pay attention to yourself and to be mindful of where your head is at and how that makes you feel.

When the silly season approaches and you’re running around trying to buy presents within your budget and plan, shop and cook a Christmas meal, it’s inevitable that stress levels increase. It’s this culmination of tiny details that can sometimes cause you to explode or breakdown.

Be mindful about these emotions and when you feel them arise, stop and give yourself permission to breathe.

This is the perfect time to check in on that self-care advent calendar. Whether it’s taking a hot bath, going for a movie or a walk, do something that makes you feel happy.

3. It’s time to grieve

If in the past, Christmas was when you lost a loved one or had a relationship break down, now is the perfect time to talk to someone about what you’re going through mentally and emotionally. You don’t have to relive the feelings of your trauma alone – try reaching out to support groups, family or friends.

If you are unable to reach out to anyone, try instead to turn this grief you feel around and give back – perhaps volunteer at your local children’s hospital or nursing home.

Often times when you are making someone else feel good this can make you feel better, and by doing so, you start to change the feelings associated with this time of year.

Instead of isolating yourself from the world to grieve, you may find it helpful, in the spirit of Christmas, to participate in an act of kindness.

The Healthy Mummy community

The Healthy Mummy Facebook groups are a wonderful, safe and non-judgemental place to start connecting with other women who may have experienced what you’re going through. You are not alone!

If you feel like you’re depressed or anxious more often than not and that it’s starting to impact upon your ability to function daily, it’s time to get some help. Make sure you see your GP for where to go next.

Alternatively, you can call Lifeline 13 11 14, Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia [PANDA] 1300 726 306 or Beyond Blue 1300 22 46 36.

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