Best and Worst day for weight loss

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Study’s reveal the worst day of the week, and it’s not when you think.

We often drag our feet of a Monday and think it’s the longest day on earth, but surprisingly according to numerous studies, Monday is NOT the most hated day of the week. Actually, it is the most popular day for people to begin their weight loss journey and feel the most motivated after a weekend of poor food (and drink!) choices.

Tuesday takes the title of the most hated day!

According to research by O&G Crunchy Granola, Tuesday is the most disliked day of the week.

The research was commissioned by Lonergan Research, and surveyed 1,043 Australians aged 18 years and over.

The results found that two-thirds of millennials hate Tuesday mornings, 1 in 5 Aussies feel their grumpiest and most stressed on Tuesdays (30% more than any other day of the week), and Aussies are 26% more likely to hit snooze on a Tuesday than any other day of the week.

Management firm Direct Health Solutions who records around 1000 absences a day on behalf of its clients, which include the ANZ Bank and iiNet. The company found that Tuesday is the most common day for Australians to be off work sick.

A US work stress survey and happiness study found that Tuesday feels like the longest day of the week to workers, is the most stressful (around lunchtime) and is the most miserable day of the week.

Founders of UK health supplement Bimuno also polled 3,000 adults and found that Tuesday at 11:45am seems to be the most stressful time in the day, when the real workload for the week hits employees and stress levels rise.

The study also revealed Tuesday as the day when workers are most likely to work through their lunch break due to the realization they have a busy week ahead.

The best day for weight loss

A Cornell University study published in 2014, found that most people weigh more on Sunday and Monday. Finding we do tend to lose more weight during the week. But, if we hop back up on the wagon come Monday, we can even drop that weekend weight.

A study from the University of Pennsylvania actually found that Monday is one of the best days to start a new diet because it’s a “temporal landmark,” a time we associate with new beginnings. People report seeing Monday as a “reset” button and have greater motivation to tackle their goals at the start of the week.

Worst day for weight loss motivation

So if you find yourself hitting the wall on a Tuesday and really lacking motivation to stick to your goals for the week don’t be too hard on yourself. As research proves you are certainly not alone.

Keep in mind FRIDAY or Saturday are also not great days to start your weight loss journey either, as the weekend fun begins and there are often parties, dinner plans, and other temptations we really want to enjoy.

Tips to stay motivated

  1. Get inspired
  2. Clear out the junk food
  3. Stock up on the good foods
  4. Make healthy snacks ready to grab on the go
  5. Get moving!
  6. Create a vision board

6 top tips on how to get and STAY motivated!

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