10 of the best parenting hacks ever!

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If you’re a parent, then you pretty much need all of these parenting hacks in your life. Like right now.

A fitted sheet. A cardboard box. A few dozen toilet paper rolls. If you can rustle up these items, then you’re one third of the way to raising children the right way! These ingenious parenting hacks, designed by mums and dads around the world, are too amazing not to share.

1. For when your little one won’t sleep without you…

Place a glove filled with beads on his back. And you’ve got a pseudo-mummy hand.

parenting hack

2. For bath time fun without breaking your back…

Invest in an old laundry basket and you’ve got an instant baby bath. Supervision is still required (obviously), but at least you don’t have to bend down the entire time.

parenting hack

3. For the nights when you really can’t be stuffed holding a bottle…

Enter this bottle holding contraption, simply made from an old toy and one that bub can hold herself.

parenting hack

4. For sand-free trips to the beach…

Beach days are brilliant. But bringing home half of the beach in your bag and your child’s bathing suit is not. Next time, pack a fitted sheet and place the heavier items on each corner. You’ve got the perfect sand-free area to hold your items and keep your baby’s nappy sand-free.

parenting hack

5. For those car rides that you know are going to end in tears…

A few pieces of cardboard placed strategically in between each child and you’ve got the perfect partition. So you won’t hear a single, “He’s touching me,” or, my personal favourite, “He’s looking out MY window.”

parenting hack

6. For when your baby is no longer a baby…

And discovers a love for writing, drawing and gluing stuff all over the walls. Enter an upcycled desk made from an old cot, perfect for craft time (and much easier to clean that the walls).

parenting hack

7. For when your child wants an expensive garage for his matchbox cars…

This is what you call Do It Yourself magic. Collect a bunch of toilet paper rolls, add a few pieces of timber, some nails and a cute sign, complete with glue to hold everything into place and, Bam! You’ve got a parking garage/storing system that costs next to nothing.

parenting hack

8. For when you really don’t want to share your chocolate stash…

Edamame beans – the perfect protein snack. And the perfect hider of chocolate stash.

parenting hack

9. For those times when you really don’t feel like cleaning sticky goo off your child…

All it takes to keep your child sticky-free is a coffee cup lid. Genius!

parenting hack

10. For long car rides filled with 8 trillion, “Are we there yets“?…

An old DVD case, a few pieces of paper and a box of pencil crayons and you’ve got a personal colouring kit, perfect for quiet activity time or long journeys on the road.

parenting hack

Parenting done right.

We hope these brilliant parenting hacks help you on your daily journey through motherhood. From sleep training to family road trips, if there is a way to make things easier, then we are all for it!

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