This baby name list is for the book lovers! (Think: Charles Dickens)

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Calling all bookworms!

Have you ever read a book, fell in love with the character and then stashed their name away for years for your future baby? If you’ve ever read The Bronze Horseman this is an obvious yes (Alexander)!

Well, these names from Popsugar are inspired by Charles Dickens literary characters are for you. If not, you have your summer reading list sorted!

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  • Ada (from Bleak House)
  • Affery (from Little Dorrit)
  • Agnes (from David Copperfield and Oliver Twist)
  • Anastasia (from Our Mutual Friend)
  • Arabella (from The Pickwick Papers)
  • Biddy (from Great Expectations)
  • Belinda (from Great Expectations)
  • Belle (from A Christmas Carol)
  • Bertha (from The Cricket on the Hearth)
  • Betsy (from Oliver Twist and The Old Curiosity Shop)
  • Caddy (from Bleak House)
  • Camilla (from Great Expectations)
  • Charity (Cherry) (from Martin Chuzzlewit)
  • Clara (from Great Expectations and David Copperfield)
  • Clemency (from The Battle of Life)
  • Cleopatra (from Dombey and Son)
  • Cornelia (from Dombey and Son)
  • Dolly (from Barnaby Rudge)
  • Dora (from David Copperfield)
  • Estella (from Great Expectations)
  • Esther (from Bleak House)
  • Florence (from Dombey and Son)
  • Harriet (from Dombey and Son and Little Dorrit)
  • Henrietta (from Our Mutual Friend)
  • Honoria (from Bleak House)
  • Hortense (from Bleak House)
  • Isabella (from The Pickwick Papers)
  • Lavinia (from Our Mutual Friend and David Copperfield)
  • Lucie (from A Tale of Two Cities)
  • Lucretia (from Dombey and Son)
  • Madeline (from Nicholas Nickleby)
  • Maggy (from Little Dorrit)
  • Malta (from Bleak House)
  • Martha (from The Pickwick Papers)
  • Mercy (Merry) (from Martin Chuzzlewit)
  • Minnie (from Little Dorrit)
  • Nancy (from Oliver Twist)
  • Nelly (from The Old Curiosity Shop)
  • Ninetta (from Nicholas Nickleby)
  • Pleasant (from Our Mutual Friend)
  • Rosa (from The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Bleak House)
  • Sairey (from Martin Chuzzlewit)
  • Sophronia (from Our Mutual Friend)
  • Sophy (from David Copperfield)
  • Tilly (from The Cricket on the Hearth)
  • Volumnia (from Bleak House)


  • Abel (from The Old Curiosity Shop and Great Expectations)
  • Alexandre (from A Tale of Two Cities)
  • Angelo (from The Pickwick Papers)
  • Augustus (from The Pickwick Papers)
  • Barnaby (from Barnaby Rudge)
  • Bayham (from Bleak House)
  • Bentley (from Great Expectations)
  • Bumble (from Oliver Twist)
  • Caleb (from The Cricket on the Hearth)
  • Ebenezer (from A Christmas Carol)
  • Edwin (from The Mystery of Edwin Drood)
  • Ephraim (from Little Dorrit)
  • Ernest (from A Tale of Two Cities)
  • Ham (from David Copperfield)
  • Herbert (from Great Expectations)
  • Horatio (from The Pickwick Papers)
  • Jacob (from A Christmas Carol)
  • Jarvis (from A Tale of Two Cities)
  • Jefferson (from Martin Chuzzlewit)
  • Jem (from The Pickwick Papers)
  • Jeremiah (from Little Dorrit)
  • Job (from The Pickwick Papers)
  • Jonas (from Martin Chuzzlewit)
  • Josiah (from Hard Times and Bleak House)
  • Julius (from Our Mutual Friend)
  • Kit (from The Old Curiosity Shop)
  • Leicester (from Bleak House)
  • Montague (from Martin Chuzzlewit)
  • Mortimer (from Our Mutual Friend)
  • Mulberry (from Nicholas Nickleby)
  • Nathaniel (from The Pickwick Papers)
  • Ned (from Barnaby Rudge)
  • Nemo (from Bleak House)
  • Newman (from Nicholas Nickleby)
  • Noah (from Oliver Twist)
  • Oliver (from Oliver Twist)
  • Pip (from Great Expectations)
  • Rogue (from Our Mutual Friend)
  • Sampson (from The Old Curiosity Shop)
  • Seth (from Martin Chuzzlewit)
  • Silas (from Our Mutual Friend)
  • Sol (Solomon) (from Dombey and Son)
  • Sydney (from A Tale of Two Cities)
  • Walter (from Nicholas Nickleby and Dombey and Son)
  • Watt (from Bleak House)
  • Wilkins (from David Copperfield)

If you want more character names, check out these Harry Potter ones!

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