Competition Winners – 7th February 2018

See if you’re a winner this week!

Every week The Healthy Mummy runs A HEAP of different competitions with LOADS of fabulous prizes to be won.

Prizes include smoothies, singlets, cookbooks and other goodies from our Healthy Mummy merchandise range as well as some special hand-picked goodies that we think our members will love!

Healthy Mummy Competition Winners - 7 June 2017



Competition winners are chosen every few days. If you see your name in the list below, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the “CLAIM YOUR PRIZE ” button to claim (within the 14 day claim period). Please ensure you take a screenshot of your name, as shown in the list below, and upload it with your details when you submit your claim.


If you see your name listed as a large prize winner, please check your email for details on how to claim your prize!

A BIG thank you to all of those who enter our competitions and GOOD LUCK!

THM & Lose Baby Weight Support Group

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29/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Lauren Amy Dimech

29/1/18 Healthy Mummy Protein Powder Tracey Bowden

29/1/18 $50 REBEL SPORTS VOUCHER Bianca Johnson

29/1/18 $50 Coles Voucher Kayla Dawe

29/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Sara Klose

29/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Danielle Mazzarino

29/1/18 ULTIMATE Smoothie Pack RRP $310 3 x smoothies, smoothie travel pack, scoop, shaker, protein powder Ash Midson

30/1/18  $50 CASH Nicole Raitt

30/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Jen Macc

30/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Katrina O’Shaughnessy

31/1/18 last day of January Prize pack Shoes/fitbit alta Emily Harris

31/1/18 Pack of Healthy Mummy Super Greens Beki N Seth

31/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Amanda Fullford

1/2/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Kylie Spry

1/2/18  $50 store voucher Janine Pullin

1/2/18 $50 store voucher Melissa Campbell-Woodley

1/2/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Skye Florrimell

1/2/18 $50 store voucher Abigail James

2/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Sarita Newman

2/1/18 $50 store voucher Sharon Christie

2/1/18 $50 store voucher Sarah Campbell

2/1/18 Healthy Mummy Protein Powder Kahlee McCarthy

2/1/18  Healthy Kids Smoothie Mel Grantham

2/1/18 $50 cash Rachael Hastings

2/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Wendy Lou

3/1/18 Drinking Chocolate Tub Erin Vinen Wallace

3/1/18 $50 store voucher Neesha Kirkpatrick

3/1/18 $50 Coles Voucher Emmy Fairhall

3/1/18 ULTIMATE Smoothie Pack RRP $310 3 x smoothies, smoothie travel pack, scoop, shaker, protein powder Kristyn Debono

3/1/18 $50 store voucher Nicole Plant

4/1/18 Awesome MEGA pack worth over $660 including the ULTIMATE Weight Loss Box & a Kids Smoothie & Lunch Box Book Tahlz Smith

4/1/18  Healthy Mummy Smoothie Jenny Cannon

4/1/18 $50 store voucher Amanda Gates

4/1/18 Healthy Kids Smoothie Kaz Martin

4/1/18 Healthy Mummy $50 store voucher Penny Odiam

5/1/18 $50 Rebel Voucher Belinda Modistach

5/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Lucinda Tyers

5/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Kristyn Debono

5/1/18  Healthy Mummy Singlet Jane Lewis

5/1/18 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Penny Odiam

5/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Tub Emma Theresa Streatfeild

5/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Skye Florrimell

5/1/18 Healthy Mummy Singlet Zoe Cox

5/1/18 MEGA Smoothie Pack RRP $350 Diary, travel pack, Water Bottle, Keep Cup, 2 smoothies, protein powder, drinking chocolate, sparkle notebook Mel Clout

THM 28 Day Kickstart Group

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29/1/18 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Susie Middleton

3/2/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Amanda Hoffmann

4/2/18 Healthy Mummy Super Greens Kiara Moschilla-Vulich

5/2/18 Healthy Mummy Singlet Janette Colbert

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Meal plans, recipes, support and daily exercises – all created for BUSY mums!!

THM Fashion Group

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3/2/18 $50 store voucher Amanda Ball

5/2/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Tina Mcalister

THM Food Lovers Support Group

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30/1/18  Healthy Mummy Smoothie Jessica Stevens

3/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie  Leisa Loon

3/1/18 $50 store voucher Erin Evans

5/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Wendell Kittycat

5/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Rebekah Goring

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Ash Petroff’s LET’S DO IT 28 day Challenge Group

Join now – Ash Petroff’s LET’S DO IT 28 Day Challenge Group

5/2/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Tris Lemar

Meal Prep with The Healthy Mummy

Meal Prep With The Healthy Mummy

20/1/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Sam Cole

28/2/18 Healthy Mummy Smoothie Deanna Finlow

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