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Real Mum Product Reviews

Healthy Mummy Smoothies

Elle Temple lost 25 kilos using Healthy  Mummy Smoothies after her first pregnancy and is currently on her second weight loss journey following her second baby.

Elle says,  “I started using Healthy Mummy Smoothies back in 2014 after I had my first baby. I was searching for something breastfeeding friendly and something really quick to prepare with a newborn. I fell in love with the strawberry flavour but now I keep all different flavours on rotation so I am never bored.”

“I love how filling the smoothies keep me up until lunch and the convenience of being able to consume them on the go. The smoothies have been a great way to sneak in lots of vitamins and minerals into my day to keep up my energy running around after a family.

Super Greens


Emilee Bone, a pregnant mum, says that Super Greens has given her an energy boost.  She says, “I’m in love. I was a little concerned about the taste but it tastes SO GOOD, I’ve tried it in my smoothie and it’s amazing. The best part is I haven’t needed my normal pregnancy afternoon nap! At 32 weeks’ gestation and a two and a half year old to run after, I’m pretty stoked with that.”

Control X

This product is designed to put you back in control of your food consumption by making you feel fuller for longer. What’s more, it reduces hunger pangs and bloating to get you in control of your portion control.

REVIEW: Mums reveal why they are BIG fans of The Healthy Mummy's Control X

Kylie, 37, from Sydney: ‘I lost 4.8kg in a month’.  She says, “I’m a 37 year old mum of three living in Sydney. I absolutely loved the new pineapple flavour – it was so fruity and fresh! I loved the original orange as well. Over the month I lost 4.8 kg and I know Control X helped immensely. It stopped me from snacking while cooking dinner which is an issue for me each night. The product makes me feel full (without feeling bloated) so I don’t snack so much. It’s great for helping me stay on track.”

Choc-Peanut Tummy Snack Bars

Mum of 2, Samara Rochelle Khoury from Sydney says, “Eat chocolate, lose your tummy! Yes, you read that right!! These new Choc-Peanut Tummy bars are absolutely, deliciously good for you!! I have one in my bag for those easy to grab, quick snack moments on the go!! They are definitely my new staple snack.”“So quick, so easy, so delicious, AND good for you!! The new Tummy Choc-Peanut bars are quickly becoming my new favourite snack on the go!!”

Chocolate Cake Mix


Flourless Chocolate Cake

Emma Summers, QLD “OMG – I LOVE this cake. It taste so good and is better than any packet mix cake I have ever made and only 186 calories per serve”

Jade Walters, NSW “I was super excited to trial the new cake and loved it. But the real test came when I put in my kids lunch boxes. The good news is they loved it and asked for it again – so a big winner in my house and I love that it doesn’t have the added sugar or artificial colours some other cakes have”
Melinda Carr, ACT “10/10 from me. Easy to make and a perfect snack when the chocolate munchies hit.”

 The Healthy Kids Nutrition Boost Jelly

Samara’s kids love to have dessert, but Samara likes to make sure they’re not having TOO much sugar.

She says “Nothing but thumbs up here! Full of goodness and tastes delicious! This mum is more than happy for her girls to have dessert when it’s the Healthy Kids Jelly!!”

Take an EXTRA 15% Off Healthy Mummy product packs today.  Simply use code PACK15 at the checkout……SHOP HERE

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