This mum won her battle with emotional eating and lost 22kgs

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Anxiety can cause many people to emotional eat, and the weight gain can in turn cause anxiety, creating a never ending cycle.

Erin managed to break the habit and lost 5kgs by drinking The Healthy Mummy smoothies after her second baby before falling pregnant with baby number three.

As well as the smoothies and daily Super Greens, Erin has also completed two 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges, losing 22kg altogether.

“I’m definitely a much happier mother, wife and friend! So that’s definitely affected my family in a positive way,” she says.

Erin McCrae

Erin’s wake up call

Erin had an epiphany one day last year when she was in the yard with her kids as they asked her to join in and play with them.

She was sitting in a chair and had absolutely no energy to get up with them and thought, “I can’t keep being this sort of mother”.

Since that moment, Erin has lost 22kgs and now floats around a healthy 71kg. She strives to get to 68kgs and achieve a 25kgs loss!

Feeling confident again is Erin’s greatest accomplishment, as she says “I had felt terrible about myself for years, but I’ve come to realise that my body created three beautiful kids and it deserves to be treated well and nourished properly.”

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A big obstacle Erin has had to face was emotional eating…


Emotional eating

“If I have crappy food I’ll just binge on that when I’m stressed, emotional or upset, so having good food makes it easier to not be tempted or if I am I know it’s a better choice,” says Erin.

To make sure she isn’t tempted if she does feel like she’s will emotionally eat, Erin tries to either have dark chocolate, bliss balls or a batch of Healthy Mummy muffins or slices in the freezer to grab instead. 

Another great way to battle emotional eating is through exercise, and Erin says she’s lost 90% of her weight from changing the foods she consumes and the portion sizes, but craves exercise the more active she gets.

Saving too

By doubling recipes to have leftovers or to freeze means that Erin and her family save money on buying groceries.

“We’re definitely saving more money by meal planning, our groceries have dropped by $100-$150 a fortnight,” she says.

Prepping to Erin is pivotal in her journey! She says prep as much as you can so you can always have something on hand when you have no time or energy and it also makes sticking to your calories easier.

Erin bakes a batch of muffins every 2-3 nights while cooking dinner when the oven is on to always have a fresh batch ready, handy tip! Try these Raspberry, lime and coconut muffins.

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