How these five incredible mums have transformed their lives and are now reaping the benefits!

This group of 5 incredible women are sharing some of the benefits they are feeling since living their Healthy Mummy lifestyle.
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For many, taking the FIRST step on a weight loss journey is usually the biggest step to take. For these amazing mums, that step was joining the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and opting for a better and healthier life. Since taking that step, these mums have never looked back.

With a program to follow that allows you to eat healthy yummy food six times a day so you don’t feel deprived, plus an amazingly supportive community that has your back, this group of 5 incredible women are sharing some of the benefits they are feeling since living their Healthy Mummy lifestyle. And it’s not just about the weight that they’ve lost but more about how they are feeling within themselves.

They are truly inspirational! Take a look. The pictures say it all!

Belinda Tonkin says The Healthy Mummy is for Life!

Belinda says, ‘I’m getting there and I know in my heart … I can , I will and I must.  I have now lost 38.4 kilos & 106 cms since joining Healthy Mummy in August 2021. When I first joined Healthy Mummy I weighed 168.3 kilos !!! I knew something needed to desperately change.

Just some of the benefits of Healthy Mummy for me ….’

  • Improved sleep
  • Better concentration
  • I wake with a bounce in my step
  • I have so much more energy
  • My skin tone has improved

‘I can exercise, clean and cook and take care of the errands that need to be done that day – previously just doing the shopping would tire me out for the day. I can keep up with my 4 year old daughter and she has a happy and vibrant mummy . I feel she is benefiting so much from my better health choices.

Then there is just this feeling in my heart that all is well. I am so happy . I am honestly just having fun on this journey. I have made new friendships with a group that supports and encourages Me!

You too can do this. I had all the thoughts and doubts that this would just be something else I will fail … but it’s different this time because Healthy Mummy is for life and there is this community that just totally gets behind you all the way !!’

Toni Liberti is 20 kilos down with 10 to go before her wedding!

Toni says, “In September 2020 my boyfriend proposed to me, obviously I said yes so once I started planning I looked at myself and thought there is no way I’m going to be a chunky bride. From that moment on I stopped kidding myself and got real, I started eating better and joined the gym.

My weight loss hasn’t been fast due to my serious back injuries so I have to take exercises at at slow pace but I’m happy with that, it’s coming off that’s all that matters…

Fast forward to January 2022, I found Healthy Mummy and my life changed, I always thought dieting consisted of starving myself and full on exercise but what I found through Healthy Mummy was I CAN ACTUALLY EAT and the foods are yummy!!!

20kg down from September 2020 till now, 10kg to go till I reach my goal weight.

Thank you Healthy Mummy for your on going support.”

Shantelle Brumfield has lost 28 kilos and loves her new found confidence

Shantelle says, “These photos speak for themselves. I have lost 28 kgs in 8 months using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and Healthy mummy App. But, it’s not just the weight for me. It’s the confidence I now have in myself, it’s the happiness I feel when I look in the mirror, it’s the knowledge that my family are growing up healthier and happier too and it’s just so much LOVE!

Before Healthy Mummy I yo yo dieted in every way known to mankind. I fasted which made me cranky, I went keto which made me feel tired, and I dramatically cut calories at 800 or 1000 a day. Now I can have healthy alternatives and still see the weight and centimetres fall from my body. There is no missing out with the Healthy Mummy.”

Elyse Larven says ‘What an amazing journey this has been!’

Elyse says, “Heck yesss!!!

From half way through my Healthy Mummy journey at 78kg to now 58kg damn!!! What an amazing journey this has been.

What has the Healthy Mummy done for me? Its taught me how to adapt food to healthier options to assist in my body transformation. Assisted me in the beginning with gentle workouts to now be training with weights 6-7 days a week.

What have I done for me? Showed self love, care which has changed my mental health to have a more body positive look and a clearer head daily.

No this has not been easy to say the least but I have enjoyed every moment of it. I don’t train for punishment I train because I love it.’

Jessica Lewis and her mum together have lost over 42 kilos in 7 months!

Jessica says, ‘My mum and I have been transforming our bodies and lifestyles for 7 months now. She is my accountability buddy and whilst we started this journey for different reasons, we have supported each other the entire time. When we started we made a goal to lose 50kgs together, I cannot believe that in 7 months we have lost 42.5kgs!

As two chocoholics with an extra sweet tooth, we have embraced the Healthy Mummy journey and never felt deprived of our favourites. We have had a Healthy Mummy Smoothie every day and stuck to our meals plans really consistently.

Having each other to rely on and support and celebrate with when the scales move and don’t move has made a world of difference. We also get to enjoy all the benefits together like extra energy and just feeling down right amazing.

Today is her birthday, happy birthday mum. Words cannot express how proud of you I am I know together along with the Healthy Mummy program, we’ve got this!’

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