5 ways to break your junk food addiction

Whether you cut down on junk food slowly or all at once, there are a few simple yet effective strategies you can employ to ensure you stay the course.
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So you’ve made the bold decision to give junk food the flick and start your healthy lifestyle, go you! Now comes the hard part of breaking your addiction…

Whether you choose to cut down slowly or rip that band-aid off quickly, there are a few simple yet effective strategies you can employ to ensure you stay the course.

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Five ways to help you break a junk food addiction

1. Crunch numbers not chippies

Write down the calories, fat and sugar in some of your favourite meals and foods and you’ll be MORTIFIED. Make a tally of what you used to consume per month and this will help keep you on the right track. Put this piece of paper on the fridge so you are reminded often.

TIP: Add up the cost of junk food and how much money you will save and use this money to treat yourself to a massage or a new outfit.

2. Clear out the junk

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With a fine-toothed comb, go through your pantry and fridge and get rid of any food that is not going to help you in your journey to health and wellness. Then check the fridge in the garage AND make sure you haven’t got a stash in the drawer beside your bed, no judgement here, we’ve all done it!

3. Make sure you’re accountable

Tell the entire world you are off junk so that you’ve got support and people you have to be accountable to. Also, when you feel like you’re about to cave and emotionally eat, make a phone call to a friend or family member to distract yourself. Not only will you earn brownie points for calling and not texting, but you’ll take your mind off smashing back that fat-soaked burger.

4. Take the long way

Source: iStock
Source: iStock

Make an effort to avoid driving past your favourite takeaway haunts, it would be nice to think that we all have the actual willpower not to stop but why tempt fate? Take a different route to work or school and then you won’t be tempted to stop for ‘something little’ to snack as a reward for doing so well with your eating all week.

5. Be mindful of everything you put in your mouth

If you question every single thing you put in your mouth you’ll notice you’ll stop yourself from eating chocolate at your 3pm crash time. Instead, make yourself feel fabulous by drinking water or hot green tea. Also, remember to eat little and lots and ALWAYS consume protein during every meal because it helps curb those sugar cravings

Bonus tip: When you’re close to tumbling off the wagon watch That Sugar Film – it’s a total game changer and will alter the way you live your life, well at least for a little while.

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