Hazel has lost 27kg and no longer needs to be on blood pressure medication

Hazel Schmierer has dropped 27kgs and 97cm in just eight months on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and has come off her blood pressure meds!
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Hazel Schmierer has dropped 27kgs and 97cm in just eight months on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

Incredibly, the 63-year-old from Sydney no longer needs to be on her blood pressure medication.

“I had to go on blood pressure medication about two years ago (as I approached my heaviest weight) for very high blood pressure and I was monitored every 3 months,” she says.

“Four months ago, I went for a checkup and the doctor was surprised that my blood pressure was now quite low.

“And I explained that I had started The Healthy Mummy in January and was losing weight as well as exercising regularly and I was taken off the tablets immediately. I will continue to get checked regularly but all signs are good for me remaining off the tablets.”

Fantastic news!

Hazel has lost 27kg and no longer needs to be on blood pressure medication

Hazel has lost 27kg in 8 months and has gone from a size 24 to a size 16

This amazing mum and grandmother reveals she has struggled all her life with weight issues.

 “While my weight has fluctuated but over time, it has kept growing and growing and growing. When I hit age 62 I hit 130kg,” she says.

“I was extremely unfit, walking a few hundred meters puffed me out and my knees ached. I joined The Healthy Mummy after seeing an ad, I thought I might as well commit and just do it. So I joined, there was no excuse now. 

“On the 9th January 2021, I finally promised myself that I would look after myself.”

Hazel has lost 27kg and no longer needs to be on blood pressure medication

Hazel began by walking 15 minutes a day

In fact, Hazel started with a 15 minute walk up the road and back, as that was all she could manage. She began drinking more water, recording what she was eating and also planning her meals.

She says. “The Healthy Mummy app is my bible. I look forward to the meal plans, and I plan ahead by compiling a shopping list, then do a prep day.

“Sometimes, I swap my suggested meal choices around to suit me, I check out the smoothie recipes other people suggest and rely on 1-2 smoothies a day (my favourite is premium chocolate powder with frozen banana, rolled oats, a teaspoon of coffee granules, ice, and chocolate almond milk).

“Plus, I have a freezer stash for those times when everyone else want takeaway or they want something I don’t fancy.”

Hazel’s favourite meals

  • Mexican lasagne
  • Stovetop lasagne
  • Ham and broccoli chowder
  • Zucchini and bacon slice
  • Beef ravioli with mushrooms and bacon
“Workouts/exercise is mainly walks, half squats (restricted because of my knee) and the 10 minute workout with kids (beginner level).”

Hazel has seen MANY health benefits

  • No longer needs blood pressure medication
  • No more headaches
  • Can tie shoes more easily
  • Fits in chairs better
  • Feels better within herself
“The health benefits have already meant that I am no longer on blood pressure medication and I hardly have any headaches,” she says.

“Now, I can tie my shoelaces easily, I have bought some exercise leggings, I fit in chairs better, and my work mates think I look less like an aged care resident.”

“Amazingly, I have gone from a size 24 to a size 16/18, I have lost a half shoe size, I am more patient and relaxed, I have energy, and I enjoy telling everyone how good I feel.”

Hazel’s advice for those wanting to lose weight

  • Don’t focus on the scales
  • Judge how you are going by the little changes (not puffing when walking, another notch in on a belt, zips doing up, doing up the bra on the next row of hooks, having more energy etc).

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