Healthy Mummy Raisha shares her ideas for minimising your sugar content this Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for kids and the time of the year they look forward to the most! Unfortunately, this time of year is also riddled with a sugar overload!

Our lovely Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge mum, Raisha Aarden has lots of healthy options and ideas for a healthier (and less of a sugar load) Halloween. She sent through quite a lot of Halloween twists to Healthy Mummy recipes but we have chosen some of our favourites to share below, plus a few photos of her others.

Raish Aarden halloween

Healthy Halloween treats

When we thanked Raisha for all her Halloween recipe twist she said, “I’m loving it!! We go big in our house for Halloween, so you’ve just got me started a little early!!”

Here are some healthy and creative ideas to get you and your family healthy for Halloween!

Scary face

melon halloween

This treat has no change in calories, just cut & shaped differently.

The Melon with Ham and Cream Cheese recipe is available in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub.


  • half a melon
  • hame
  • cream cheese

To make the scary face:

To make this monster face, cut thin slices of melon at the centre of the melon. Lay melon down & cut jagged teeth around the seeds (don’t just scoop out), then remove rind. Lie flat then arrange half the cream cheese in the rolled ham with the other half of the cream cheese between the monster teeth for the ham to sit in so the ham rolls with cream cheese in them look like eyes.

Monster face

monster face

The Feta, Egg & Veggie Plate, available in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub, becomes a Monster Face!

This mum’s elder son enjoyed putting the face together!


  • 1 egg cut in half
  • 1 cucumber sliced longways into quarters
  • half a red capsicum sliced longways
  • feta cheese cut into 2 triangles
  • 1 slice gourmet tomato
  • flatbread

To make the monster face:

Spread the flatbread on a plate – this will be your face. Slice the cucumber longways and cut slices off the end of the capsicum and place on the flatbread to form the eyes. Cut the egg into halves and place over the capsicum. You can use the green bits of the capsicum to make the pupils of the eyes. Place the feta cheese on the flatbread to form the mouth. The two cucumber slices will form the fangs from the feta cheese. The other 2 cucumber slices will form the eyebrows. Enjoy immediately.

Jack O’ Lantern face

cat face halloween

This is The Healthy Mummy Pumpkin & Feta Tart a Halloween twist with zucchini eyes & nose.

This delicious recipe is The Healthy Mummy Pumpkin and Feta Tart and you can get this recipe in our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

To make the Jack O’ Lantern face:

Cut the pumpkin pieces into triangles and point upwards to make jagged teeth so that it looks scary. Happy Halloween!

Healthy Mummy Mini Tiramisu Ghosts

halloween ghosts

This delicious version of the Healthy Mummy tiramisu cake is a healthy version.

To make the ghosts:

Raisha says that this Halloween recipe will be even fewer calories than the original Healthy Mummy one because she I didn’t soak the Savoiardi biscuits in coffee or hot chocolate mix. Instead, she drizzled one teaspoon of The Healthy Mummy hot choc mix down the front of each ghost then covered the front & sides of each ghost in the mascarpone mix.

The sultanas weigh 2g, so 4 calories there, but less in total. You could bathe their backsides in the hot chocolate mix should you wish, which would bring the calories back up (pic of ghosts sitting in a chocolate bath!) but they “look better standing than lying down,” says Raisha. If they were totally soaked, they’d have to lie down.

hot chocolate ghosts

To keep the ghosts white, Raisha didn’t add the cocoa or cacao either.

Glazed-eyed monster

glazed eyed monster

To make the glazed-eyed monster:

The Healthy Mummy Choc Caramel Protein Mix (made as directed & divided into 15 balls) with Glazed Mint eyes

Calories 45 plus 6 calories for the two mints.

Thus one ball with the two mint eyes = 51 calories

Healthy Mummy recipe with Halloween twist.

monster eyes

This is a twist on The Healthy Mummy Cucumber Rounds with Cream Cheese recipe available in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge recipe hub.


  • Ryvita
  • cream cheese
  • green olives
  • pimentos

How to make:

Spread the cream cheese and top with sliced cucumber and then green olives and pimentos to form the scary, Halloween eyes.

132 Calories already, added green olives & pimentos bring the total to approximately 142 calories.

Thanks Raisha we love all your gooley ways of making these Healthy Mummy recipes.

Get more healthy Halloween treats with our Healthy Halloween Recipe Pack

Halloween can be a fun time of the year with families dressing up and enjoying sweet treats….. but it can also add up to a sugar overload for the kids.

So to help you reduce the amount of sugar your kids are eating, we’ve put together some healthy recipes that are fun and simple to make.

Halloween treats

Grab yours today!

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written by:

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