How this mama learned to love her ‘mummy apron’!

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For many mums, the mummy apron is a part of the body that makes us feel self-conscious and awkward.

But for Jacqueline Christie, with the help of the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges and Healthy Mummy Smoothies, she has learned to love her body- including what is commonly termed “the overhang”, “the pouch” or most affectionately of all, “the mummy apron”!

Jacqueline Christie tummy

Loving her mummy apron!

There was a time when Jacqueline allowed her mummy tummy to dictate her happiness.

“It killed the confidence in myself, in clothes and majorly with intimacy in the bedroom!”

Jacqueline admits that she always wore long baggy tops to cover the shape, NEVER wore jeans and didn’t even allow her husband to see her naked, shower or she didn’t even get dressed in front of him.

“I was embarrassed and ashamed. I thought I was alone and stuck like this forever.”

But after a friend told her about The Healthy Mummy, she ordered her first smoothie tub and not long afterwards, decided to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge! And though she had some issues after a knee injury, she’s seeing her weight loss results and is feeling fit, strong and AMAZING!

Plus, with the support of fellow mums on our Private Support Group, she’s learned to love herself and not be ashamed by her mummy apron.


“I’m learning to love myself as a whole, not just parts. This area came from being blessed with 3 beautiful babies, I am lucky!”

Now that she has learned to love every bit of her body, Jacqueline has come so far! She isn’t covering up, instead seeing her body and progress in a positive way rather than only seeing the parts of her body she once hated.

“Last week I walked naked through my bedroom in front of my husband without hiding and I’m proud!” You go girl!


Though she’s ditched the scales, Jacqueline has lost the excess weight put on when she was recovering from her knee injury…and more!

“Now I’ve gained muscle! I feel amazing! I’m so motivated and most of all my confidence is at a high.”

From working out at the gym with other mums to feeling great in her own skin, Jacqueline’s life has changed enormously!

“I’m not depressed and hiding my body anymore. My relationship is so much better because I’m confident and happy! My kids have a mum who’s full of energy and they love it!”

“I’m grateful every day for this lifestyle which has made me a happy, healthy woman who loves her body and a happy, healthy mummy and wife!”

We are so proud of you Jacqueline, WELL DONE!

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