Mums are RAVING about these Healthy Fries

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The latest brand NEW recipe to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Healthy Mummy App has proved to be SOOOOOO popular, mums can’t stop sharing and raving about how good it is in the Healthy Mummy Community.

What recipe you ask?

Big Mac Loaded Fries is brand new and very delicious, and it’s not just us that thinks so either.  Only 15 minutes prep time and 442 cals per serving it’s bound to become a family favourite at your house!

Discover what our members are saying below…

What Mums are saying about Big Mac Loaded Fries

Hayley Duncan shared, “Big Mac Loaded Fries!! OMG. Hell yesss!! Absolutely delicious!! I was so full though I didn’t eat the layered wagon wheel slice!

Jeanette Grevett said, “Oh My Gooodnesss!!! Made the Big Mac Loaded Fries tonight! 2 of my boys asked for Macca’s this afternoon. I said no!! Made up for it though!!! Holy Moly it’s so so good. I did the chips in 2 batches in the air fryer, divided everything up into 6 and made it all separately on our plates.”

Rae Willingham shares, “The Big Mac Loaded Fries are HEAVEN! Honest to dang goodness good. These will be on a regular rotation at our place. Cannot. Even. Deal!

Chartae Dallinger shared, “If you haven’t already tried the ‘Big Mac Loaded Fries’……. DO IT!!!! That sauce is to die for!!! Will definitely become a repeat in this house.”

Katie Leigh said, “The Big Mac Loaded Fries. Get on it!!!! Absolutely delicious.”

Mary Goodwin says, “A winner in this house.. Big Mac Loaded fries. YUM!”

Melissa Mackenzie excitedly shared, “Oh my goddddd is all I have to say. If you haven’t made the Big Mac Loaded Fries you need to. I didn’t add the lentils because my daughter wouldn’t eat it. Such a delicious filling meal.

Fi Redding added, “Omg have you tried the Big Mac Loaded fries? They are so good!!! Hubby went back for more. We did say we need to make the sauce and make a burger. Love a takeaway!!”

Amy Melillo said, “Big Mac Loaded Fries, I made it! I was so excited to make this one. I didn’t add the lentils as my kids wouldn’t have eaten it. Delish, love a good #fakeaway!

Carmen ChongNee shared, “Big Mac Loaded Fries tonight. Kids couldn’t get over that it tasted just like a Big Mac. Super filling too.”

Chantelle Hughes shared, “OMGGG!! The Big Mac loaded fries are amazing!”

Rebeca Wright, “Big Mac loaded fries tonight. YUM!”

Krista Hatzakortzian said, “Big Mac loaded fries for the win tonight. No gerkins as we don’t like them and half the lentils as I didn’t want the family realising they were in there lol….”

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Try it for yourself and let us know what you think, Big Mac Loaded Fries.

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