How this mum improved her fitness to play with her 2 kids (and lost 10kg!)

Peta Robinson has lost 10kg in just 12 weeks. "I can run around with my 3yr old and not have to stop all the time to catch my breath..."
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27-year-old mummy of 2 Peta Robinson took part in our 12 Week Challenge with a humble pledge: to stay consistent and drink more water.

12 weeks later, and it’s safe to say, she has absolutely SMASHED it, losing 10kg in just 12 weeks! Well done, Peta! But her success doesn’t end with losing weight. Peta is enjoying quality time with her little ones.

Peta says, “I can run around with my 3-year-old and not have to stop all the time to catch my breath, and I can run half a football field and not get puffed out as I normally would!”

What motivated Peta to join the 12 Week Challenge?

“While playing hockey, I could see people older than me being able to run more than what I could, and it gave me more motivation to do better!” Says Peta.

Peta joined The Healthy Mummy program in August 2021 and started following it consistently at the start of the new year.

She has lost 12 kgs in total, 10 of which she lost on the 12 Week Challenge!

How Peta tracked her progress on the 12 Week Challenge?

1. Before and after photos

2. Measurements

At the start and end of the 12 Week Challenge, you’re reminded to track your measurements. This is to track how many cm you have lost. Peta has kindly shared her #progress with us; here are her results:
Bust: 7cm
Waist: 6cm
Stomach: 5cm
Hips: 1cm
Thighs: 5cm
Upper Arm: 5cm

3. Kilograms

Peta used the scales to track her #progress at the start and end of the 12 Week Challenge, losing 10kg overall!

Peta says, “Don’t be too hard on yourself! Everyone has ups and downs. You are your own self do what works for you and your family!”

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