How to make a healthy Christmas tree

Are you looking for a healthy Christmas tree idea? We have one for you here! A delicious Christmas tree Recipe that'll please your family and your health!
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christmas tree recipe

Looking for a healthy Christmas tree recipe? We have one for you here!

We absolutely LOVE this from one of our community mums Samantha Roberts.

Samantha says,“My Daughters end of year class Christmas party is today, and we were asked to bring a plate. So I decided to make a healthy Christmas Tree! It took around half an hour, and about 100 toothpicks.

“The base of the “tree” is made from a pineapple and two pears.”

Christmas tree recipe

What you will need:

  • 1 x pineapple
  • 1 – 2 x pears
  • Fruit of your choice – I used mandarines, grapes, blueberries, Raspberries, watermelon, Strawberries, kiwi fruit.

Method to make the Christmas tree recipe

  1. Slice top and bottom off the pineapple then cut a thin slice from the top.
  2. Press a star-shaped cookie cutter into the centre of the thin slice then set star aside.
  3. Slice a little off the sides of the pineapple at an angle to create a cone shape.
  4. Push the bamboo skewer through the centre, then skewer the pear on top, leaving the top of the skewer uncovered (you’ll skewer the star on top at the end.)
  5. Place pineapple onto a serving tray then insert toothpicks around pineapple and pear at a slight angle, breaking a little off if necessary, then add fruit.

“I found it easier to place most of the bigger fruit first then fill in with the smaller fruit like grapes. Add the pineapple star to the top of the skewer then serve.”

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