How To Stop Night Time Snacking

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For many people who are looking for the best ways to lose weight or following a healthy eating weight loss plan the daytime is usually the time when we eat well, snack right, and manage to get some exercise in.


Then the night time comes along and things can go wrong

The good news is that there are lots of things that you can try which will help you break those bad habits for good.

Eat well through the day so you aren’t really hungry at night

Be sure that you are planning for and consuming 3 main meals and 2 healthy snacks per day (check out the 28 Day Plan for a day by day plan of what you should be eating in order to lose pregnancy weight).

Limit the opportunity for seconds

Once you have had a healthy dinner, full of fresh vegetables and proteins to keep you feeling full, pack any leftovers away to have for lunch tomorrow. This way there isn’t any food lying around that you mindlessly nibble throughout the night.

Alter your night time routine

Often we snack at night time when we are a bit bored. So try to make your evenings a bit more interesting – find a new series of books to get into, make a time to do some exercise such as our Exercise DVD, call a friend to catch up, paint your nails, do anything that reduced the boredom.

Find a new way to relax

For a lot of people, relaxing at the end of the day means sitting in front of the TV and snacking on something tasty. If you are snacking on some fresh fruit or natural yoghurt, that is going to very different to if you are snacking on chocolate, chips or ice cream. Why not introduce some new ways to relax that don’t involve the television (which can lead to mindless snacking as you are distracted). Take a bath, go for a walk, email a friend, grab a cup of herbal tea, or find a hobby that you enjoy such as drawing or listening to music.

Throw out the junk

It’s much easier to kick the night time snacking habit if there are no unhealthy snacks to be had. Promise yourself that you won’t buy food that doesn’t fit in with your healthy eating plan. If you really are hungry, try some frozen grapes, air popped popcorn, some watermelon, a handful of nuts or a banana.

Make a ‘no eating in front of the TV’ rule

It is easy to over consume food when we aren’t paying attention to what we are eating and also ignoring our body’s signals that we have had enough. Watching TV while eating dinner or a snack is likely to cause issues with weight loss, as we need to eat mindfully. Introduce a rule that you will only eat at the table (snacks too) and not while watching TV or running around after the kids.

Do something different

Night time snacking is a tough habit to break, so it pays to distract yourself if you can. Drink water, fold the laundry, do some stretches, clean out a kitchen drawer – just keep your hands busy so that you aren’t tempted.

Choose wisely

And if you are just really hungry, just make sure you have a healthy snack – here are some healthy snacking ideas to help you make the right choices



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