A mum who’s battled more of life’s punches than most, inspires mums to never give up

Mum Megan battled many life challenges before joining The Healthy Mummy. Now 23kg lighter, happier and healthier she encourages mums to never give up.
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At The Healthy Mummy, we are incredibly proud of each and every one of our mums who are working hard each day to be the best and healthiest version of themselves.

And mum-of-four Megan Jane is no exception. Despite battling more of life’s punches than most she has picked herself up and completely turned her life around.

After losing 23kg and regaining her health and happiness with the help of The Healthy Mummy program, she encourages other mums to do the same. And never give up on themselves. Read about her mental and physical transformation below.


Many hurdles and challenges to overcome

Megan says “I’ve been the mum who was morbidly obese, I’ve suffered postnatal depression, I’ve got through the suicide of my husband (father to my 2 eldest children when they were 7 & 4), I’ve been a busy single mum, studying and working, I fought my way through a complete mental breakdown.

And I’ve used every excuse under the sun, moon and stars to rule my life. Excuses that stopped me from being my best, loving myself and living. ‘Really living’ not just ‘existing’.”

But thankfully for Megan that all changed shortly after having her third child.

Megan’s Healthy Mummy journey

2 years ago, after Megan had her third baby she stumbled across The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

She said she had recently discovered a new love for exercise but struggled to eat a nutritious diet.

Megan says “I’d tried and ultimately failed with many diets, but having nothing left to lose I thought I’d try The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.


A healthy fourth pregnancy with The Healthy Mummy

To Megan’s surprise, she fell pregnant not long after starting her Healthy Mummy journey.

She says it was a pleasant surprise and she wasn’t stressed about post-pregnancy weight gain because in just a few short months that she had been following The Healthy Mummy Challenges, she had seen for herself that The Healthy Mummy program WORKS.


Weight Loss results – 23kg

Once Megan was given the all clear at 10 weeks postpartum she jumped right back into The Healthy Mummy Challenges.

She says “Bub number four is almost eight months and once I was given the all clear at 10 weeks postpartum, I jumped right back into it and over the past five months, I’ve dropped 23kgs.

I have my confidence, zest for life, energy, self-love back.

All because The Healthy Mummy is a sustainable lifestyle with the approval of my family, the food is amazing, ability to exercise anywhere and an incredible support system with the Facebook pages.

I’ll do my best to motivate, inspire and help as many of you beautiful ladies on your journeys as I can because I’m DETERMINED to share the joy Healthy Mummy has bought back into my life.”


“I’m a mum, just like you”.

Megan who has four beautiful children – ages 16, 13, 2 & 8 months is keen to remind other mums that she is not very different from them.

She says, “I am a mum who

  • is far from perfect but tries her best and gives her all.
  • has lived her life as authentically as she could.
  • now knows her health and fitness directly impacts her family, so is doing her best to inspire her children, be a healthy role model and someone they are proud of”.

“When my two eldest children were little (now 16 & 13), I was morbidly obese and they missed out on me joining in anything active as I watched from the sidelines with tears running down my face.”

NOW she says

“My two youngest (2 & 8 months) get a mummy who jumps right in there, dances around runs, plays, PARTICIPATES not just spectates.

I wish with all my heart The Healthy Mummy had of been around when I had my first two children but at least they ALL now have a mum who’s active, fit, strong, healthy and happy showing them that LIFE IS FOR LIVING, JOINING IN & HAVING FUN.”

Motivation – know your ‘why’

When asked about what motivates Megan she says “for me, it’s never really been about relying on motivation.

Motivation will come and go BUT determination to achieve your goals will stick around if you know ‘WHY’ you are doing what you’re doing

  • Get up, get out there, get moving 
  • One day at a time 
  • One foot in front of the other
  • Never allowing your excuses to be stronger than your desire to be your best
  • Eat nutritious delicious meals
  • Stay hydrated

It’s all these things that allow me to reach further than my goals, push harder and be my best……all while being a mum to my four beautiful children, the youngest an 8 month old clingy, teething boobie monster!

Believe me you have it in you, start small and eventually, you’ll see BIG changes!”.

Thank you Megan. The Healthy Mummy team couldn’t be prouder of you for turning your life around and inspiring other mums to do the same.

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