Key vitamins and minerals to build and maintain your child’s health, from a nutritionist

Health is so important. A healthy child needs a healthy immune system. The immune system protects your little one. It's a barrier from foreign invaders.
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A healthy child needs a healthy immune system.

The role of the immune system is to protect, it is a physical barrier from foreign invaders. Cells in the skin, mucous membranes, lymph, blood and other cells protect our kids from viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi and infections.

When their immune systems are working properly, it fights off the intruders and heals wounds. But when it’s not, we get a chronically sick kid, who always seems ill, is slow to heal and develops allergies.

The good news is we know how to support and boost our children’s immunity. Through nutrition!

Key vitamins and minerals to build and maintain your child's health, from a nutritionist

Here’s how to support and boost your child’s immunity

The key nutrients that will help immunity are: zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Essential Fatty Acids.

Zinc is probably the number one mineral needed to support immunity. It increase cytokines that regulate immunity, is antiviral and is needed for skin healing. Other vitamins like B6 need zinc for their actions to be affective.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps defend the body from invaders. It triggers cells that actually swallow bacteria and viruses!

Vitamin D has been shown to be low in children with recurrent lung infections and asthma.

Vitamin A is used to build lymph tissue and strengthen the immune function of organs. It increases T Lymphocyte cells which are a major body defender.

Vitamin B6 is used to make our mucous membranes a strong defender.

Essential fatty acids are the building blocks for hormones, and needed for brain function amongst other things.

Omega 3 fatty acid has immunomodulating effects, which means it supports the cells to do what they need to do when they need to do it!

Probiotics are also super beneficial for immunity. They support gut flora and ensure the balance of bacteria is happy. This is especially important in kids who have had antibiotics, as the use of antibiotics reduce immunity by eradicating our good gut bacteria.

Our goal as parents should be to keep immunity strong, because when it malfunctions, allergies, intolerances, autoimmunity and infections might occur.

Children’s cognitive function

Key vitamins and minerals to build and maintain your child's health, from a nutritionist

It may come as a surprise to some, but children having learning or behaviour issues can be as a result of nutritional deficiencies.

On the opposite end of this spectrum, a child meeting their nutritional needs usually would not have cognitive difficulties unless something else was going on.

Zinc, iron and iodine are the most common nutrients associated with childhood cognitive dysfunction, as is vitamin A and vitamin D.

These vitamins and minerals are used very rapidly in childhood and meeting nutritional needs is really important for long term health.

Fish oils are often prescribed to kids with learning or behaviour issues and the essential fatty acids in them are just that, essential for brain function! Pretty much all good fats will help cognition, and a kids diet should be loaded with it.. Fill them up with nuts, seeds, avocado, and fish.

Children’s growth and development

Key vitamins and minerals to build and maintain your child's health, from a nutritionist

From 3 years to 12 years old children grow by about 6.3cm and 3.1kg per year!! They have rapid bone growth and brain development.

Consuming adequate nutrients is important for developing language skills, and supporting the beginning of puberty.

Protein intake is essential for the amino acids they provide to provide neurotransmitter support. B vitamins supports a healthy nervous system, for example b12 is needed for production of neurotransmitters and healthy brain function.

Calcium, magnesium and phosphate are used for bone strength and growth.

To meet their needs we need our kids to eat heaps of foods that are packed full of nutrients, and avoid empty calories like sugars, colours and artificial flavours. Keep party food for parties, and make yummy nutritious day to day treats from whole foods.

The Healthy Kids Nutrition Boost Jelly

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