Who knew this simple trick could help with weight loss?!

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Dietician claims this simple trick is just as good as any weight loss drug on the market!

Apparently, something as simple as chewing a stick of gum releases the same “appetite-suppressing” hormone as weight loss drugs.

Dietitian Abbey Sharp posted on TikTok that “Chewing gum can help to stimulate GLP-1 in the gut, which is responsible for the appetite reduction seen on drugs like Ozempic.” 

She added that there are studies showing people who chewed gum for half an hour felt fuller for longer and that they felt fewer cravings for food.

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She continued saying she is “not suggesting that chewing a stick of gum will fill you up. Like, you’re still going to be hungry because you’ve eaten nothing at all.”

Amy also reiterated that you should not “take this research as an invitation to chew gum all day instead of actually eating”, and cautioned against behaviour that could lead to disordered eating. 

But, if you’re already a fan of chewing gum then it could still help aid your weight loss and ease those hunger pains in between meals.

The action of chewing may reduce hunger, make you feel fuller, and help you experience fewer cravings, particularly for snacks in between meals.

A 2006 study in Britain found people who chewed gum for a prolonged period of time before a meal, consumed about 40 fewer calories than those who didn’t.

Some reports say it helps keep people from mindless eating, while others swear it keeps their cravings away or even helps shape their face by toning their muscles.

In one study, participants who chewed gum between breakfast and lunch not only felt less hungry between meals but also ate fewer calories at lunch than those who didn’t chew gum.

Healthy Mummy alternatives

Instead of chewing gum, why not make yourself some healthy snacks ready to grab when you are craving something to chew or for a quick bite on the run.

Make these homemade gummies pictured above. Much healthier option, with added vitamins and minerals too.

Or these delicious Healthy Chewy Lemon Meringue Bliss Balls.

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Chewy Caramel Sesame Bites

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Healthy Mummy Smoothies are another great healthy option if you are looking for a quick breakfast or lunch snack.

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