Lane Bryant Promotes Real Women With Stretch Marks In New Campaign

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US retailer Lane Bryant is being applauded for promoting body diversity in its latest advertising campaign. It features model Denise Bidot proudly showing off her stretch marks in a size 18 bikini for the brand’s ‘Escape’ collection.

“Loving this new image and how real it is. Thank you @lanebryant for loving my body, stretch marks and all,” Bidot wrote on Instagram.

Denise is a mother to 8-year-old Jocelyn and uses her high-profile modelling career to promote positive body image through her lifestyle movement ‘There Is No Wrong Way To Be A Woman’.

It seems that her latest collaboration with Lane Bryant has hit the right note. In fact hundreds of women have commenting on Facebook and Instagram and praising the brand for not airbrushing Bidot’s stretchmarks.

“Love!!!!!!!!!! This is what all models should look like, real and beautiful!!!!”, wrote one follower.

“This rocks! A REAL woman; not a stick!” said another.

Photo Praised For Realness

One reader spoke about how the image had really struck a chord with her.

“I have had a really tough time loving myself lately, your bravery of not only loving yourself but doing it publicly has given so many people including myself a great example of what embracing your body looks like.

“Thank you for all that you do, and please never forget that you are so gorgeous and worthy of love no photoshop needed.”

A Dad Thanks Bidot For Keeping It Real

And it’s not just women who appreciate the campaign, with one father making a heartfelt comment on Bidot’s Instagram photo.

“One of my favourite model photos ever! As a father of two teenage daughters I can only hope that @LaneBryant and others will continue this trend of depicting real women in their untouched skin so that my girls can grow into a world where we recognize that beauty in our imperfections rather than obsessively trying to hide them like many women my age have been conditioned to do.

“Thank you @DeniseBidot for putting yourself out there, this is gorgeous!”

Here’s hoping other fashion brands take note!

Meanwhile, there are signs that Lorna Jane might soon be making larger-sized activewear.

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