How meditation is helping Nicole manage her stress and lose weight

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Losing weight can be difficult at the best of times, but when you’re feeling stressed, trying to shift the kilos can become EVEN more difficult.

Nicole Hardy knows all too well how stress can derail your efforts to lose weight. But she managed to combat it, found some awesome ways to de-stress and lost 12kg following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Find out how she found her inner peace below.


How meditation is helping Nicole manage her stress and lose weight

Nicole says last year she went through a difficult family situation and noticed that she was putting on weight.

“I felt I needed comfort and food was a way of distracting myself from what was going on in my life, instead of dealing with it in a logical way,” she says.

“I’d eat pasta, bread, garlic bread and ice cream as well as chocolate. I was also turning to soft drinks too. Psychologically these comfort foods were making me feel better at first, but then worse afterwards.”

Nicole says her sleep pattern was ruined, so she was feeling exhausted as well as moody and cranky.

“I was so tired and I was turning to quick fixes like sugar in an attempt to boost my energy levels,” she says.

“My sleep suffered and so did my metabolism.”


Finding inner peace

Nicole says she decided to join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge to work on her weight woes and lost 12kg by following the meal plan.

Nicole not only ditched the carbs and chocolate and opted for healthier alternatives, but she also decided to get to the root of the problem and find a way to deal with her stress.

“I took time away from social media, started seeing a new massage therapist. I tried acupuncture and also meditation,” she reveals.

“I decided to take the time to relax and now I do it daily, twice a day sometimes, I try and meditate. I find I’m most at peace when I’m sat outside in a natural setting.”


Nicole has managed to find some inner peace and now if she feels stressed or overwhelmed, she tries do some deep breathing to help manage whatever it is in a calm manner.

“Perseverance is key. Find the spot and time to sit down, reflect and meditate,” she says.

“The less stressed I am, the easier it is for me to lose weight. And this in conjunction with The Healthy Mummy has helped me make better food choices.

“The Challenge really helped me learn that I need to take care of myself as a whole person. It is about learning what your body needs to get through the day.” 

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We recently introduced DanceFit and Tabata to the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge App. Now, we are excited to announce the arrival of The Healthy Mummy MIND, BODY & BREATH sessions.

The Healthy Mummy MIND, BODY & BREATH sessions are designed to support mindful motherhood (and compliment your exercise program while following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge).

It is designed to help reduce stress and improve mood among pregnant women and early mums, enhance your connection with self-care practices and really thrive through the transformation of motherhood.

About The Healthy Mummy MIND, BODY & BREATH sessions

There are three Healthy Mummy MIND.BODY.BREATH sessions for you to choose from:

  • 3 minute
  • 5 minute
  • 10 minute

All Healthy sessions begin with a MIND.BODY.BREATH warm-up, to get you settled and prepared.


We recommend you begin your Healthy Mummy guided MIND.BODY.BREATH practice by doing it twice a week.

Start slow and gradually grow your practice so that it becomes a habit. Your aim is to be able to do it daily. Set a reminder for yourself as a morning or bedtime ritual. Find a time that works for you.

Find your inner peace and relax with the awesome meditation section we now have on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

To learn more about our challenge OR to join – click here.

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