Morning Sickness: 5 Things That Help & 5 Things That Make It Worse

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After three pregnancies, I’m in the unfortunate position of being somewhat of an expert on morning sickness.

I’ve experienced it all three times to differing degrees. This pregnancy (my third), has by far been the worse! At 37 weeks I’m still loosing my guts on occasion, not fun.

With over a 18 months of morning sickness experience (far out, that is awful to write), I have worked out a few things that work and some that definitely don’t. Every mum to be is different, but here are some common themes.

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5 Things that help morning sickness

1. Get enough sleep and rest

It is really hard when you are working or at home with young kids to get enough sleep. Try to go to bed early and if at all possible have a daytime nap. It really does help.

2. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is important throughout pregnancy but it is especially important if you are vomiting.

If you can’t stomach water, at least try to suck on ice cubes and take small sips throughout the day. Read our 5 tips for making sure you’re drinking enough water.    

5 Healthy Drinks Whilst Pregnant

3. Eat small frequent meals

Try not to let your tummy get totally empty. Eat small meals and snacks often and keep them handy throughout the day.

Make sure you have a snack before bed and something waiting for you on your bedside table for the morning.

4. Try Vitamin B6 and Restavit

Doxylamine succinate and pyridoxine (Restavit and Vitamin B6) are recommended by health professionals in persistent cases of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. Talk to your doctor or midwife before taking any medications but I (and many women I know) have found this combination a life saver!

5. Talk to your doctor about other options

If you are struggling to keep any food or water down or your nausea is so severe that you can’t function, talk to your doctor. It could be something as serious as hyperemesis gravidarum so make sure you seek help.

There are other medications available to treat nausea and vomiting in pregnancy and I found them to be more effective that other approaches when my sickness stopped me from being able to function well past the magic “12 week” mark.

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5 Things that make morning sickness worse

1. Being too full or too empty

There is a fine balance when it comes to morning sickness and eating. Don’t let your tummy get too full or become too empty. Both will end badly!

2. Fatty/greasy foods

While this is not true for all women, a lot of women find that their sickness worsens if they eat greasy or fatty foods.

I personally got my only protein from chicken nuggets for about 5 months but other than that, I did find avoiding fatty foods helped.

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3. Dairy overload

Many women find that dairy aggravates morning sickness and makes it more likely you’ll lose your lunch (or breakfast).

Try healthy fruit based smoothies or simple toast with vegemite.

4. Overdoing it

Just as rest helps with morning sickness, doing too much can make it worse.

Try to take it easy and don’t overdo things. Remember to ask for help from your partner, friends and family if you need it!

5. Strong smells

Try to avoid triggers that you know make your morning sickness worse. If the smell of raw meat sets you off, avoid that area of the supermarket and have your partner do the cooking.

Did you experience morning sickness? What helped for you?

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