After suffering a miscarriage and lupus, this mum reveals how she got her life back on track

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After working at a gym and being a self-confessed gym junkie, Brigitte first gained 45kg after having many complications due to pregnancy.

Brigitte says, “I couldn’t fit into my old clothes and when I went to the shops to buy new jeans I could barely get a size 14 on and I refused to buy a size 16.”

Over a year later and working hard at the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, Brigitte has reached her goal weight which was to get from 86kgs to 55kgs!

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Brigitte’s story 

A few months into her Healthy Mummy weight loss journey is when Brigitte noticed she was getting more and more tired and her joints were locking up and dislocating.

After going to see her doctor and completing multiple tests, she was diagnosed with SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus).

Staying positive thoroughout, Brigitte says, “It was hard to wrap my head around it at first but I’m so glad to have a reason as to why I am the way I am.

“The symptoms are chronic fatigue, joint problems and I’m prone to kidney problems too. It’s taught me to listen to my body better.”

However this was not the last of Brigittes obstacles…

Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage at 10 weeks. “I had never experienced a heart ache like that before and I drank and ate myself into the ground for about 3-4 weeks,” she says.

After gaining some of the weight she had lost back, Brigitte was more motivated and determined than ever to get back on track.

She adds, “The recipes, exercises and 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges gave me structure when I needed it the most.”

Starting again

After losing 25kg before becoming pregnant again, Brigitte knew she had to change her mindset to start again, “Some days I can do it all and some days I can’t – it’s all a balancing act really.” 

Her greatest achievement to date? Self-love, this time around she loves what she sees and embraces the things that she can’t change, “Like my loose skin on my stomach. I’m so much happier this time around.”

Keeping positive with The Healthy Mummy Private Facebook Support Group, posting her results every Friday boosts Brigitte’s mood instantly. She also will always fit a walk in every day, no matter what! 

A new routine

Cooking every night means Brigitte and her family are all healthier now and actually talk more! “When I’m preparing dinner we all sit around the kitchen bench and talk while I chop everything.”

Saving money per month on grocery shopping as a single mum has been positive to Brigitte’s journey. She does this by buying in bulk and checking all supermarkets and grocers for the best deals!

One of Brigitte’s favourite Healthy Mummy meals is the two ingredient pizza bases because they’re so versatile!

“It can be a pizza base, naan bread, pie crust, cinnamon scrolls, pizza pockets, a wrap, pull apart bread – the list is basically endless!”

Thanks Brigitte for sharing your incredible story with us!

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