Mum who was addicted to fizzy drinks, iced coffees and junk food is now saving over $10,000 A YEAR!

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Nykeeta Ayling was a self-proclaimed junk food, fizzy drink and iced coffee addict! In fact, she was drinking up to two litres of Coke a day, drinking 3-4 iced coffees a day and was splurging on takeaway.

But then she discovered The Healthy Mummy Smoothies and now she’s saving $10,000! INCREDIBLE!

Here’s how she turned things around…


How Nykeeta quit fizzy drinks, iced coffee and junk food and is now saving $10,000 A YEAR!

Nykeeta reveals she was spending around $6 on Coke a day, plus $12 on iced coffee – that’s $126 a week on JUST drinks.

Then when you add the $70 she was spending on junk food and fast food, the total for fast food and calorie-loaded drinks alone is nearly $200!

“I was drinking up to two litres of Coke a day, about three or four large iced coffees a day, and I’d miss breakfast and eat at around 11 or 12, and it was normally takeaway,” says Nykeeta.

“I travel a lot for work, so it was convenient to grab bad food on the road. But when you put that figure of nearly $10,000 on bad food and drink I was putting into my body, it’s horrible and embarrassing.”


Making a BIG change

Nykeeta has now swapped the fizzy drinks and iced coffees for The Healthy Mummy Smoothies and lemon water and the junk food for The Healthy Mummy recipes.

“I now live off salads, Smoothies, fruit, nuts, vegetables and Healthy Mummy dinners,” she says.

“I’m drinking three litres of water a day and I try not to snack after dinner. And I do lots of walking, plus Healthy Mummy Fitness Ambassador Ash’s hack of doing 10 squats each time I go to the toilet.”


Nykeeta has now lost 5.8kg, has noticed her tummy is less bloated and she is feeling BETTER THAN EVER!

Well done Nykeeta! Your body – and wallet – will thank you for this big change.

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