Affordable, realistic and easy to follow – and made for busy mums

Think of the challenge as the best value personal trainer, dietitian, meal planner, chef and motivational coach that you have access to every day – without the high cost and all created JUST FOR MUMS.

Every month is DIFFERENT with over 100 NEW recipes added each month. EVERY MONTH you receive NEW 28 Days of FAMILY FRIENDLY customisable meal plans, daily exercise plans and daily support. It’s also breastfeeding friendly.

*Results may vary from person to person


About the 28 Day Challenge App


What's included in the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge?

tick-iconOur family-friendly, breastfeeding-friendly, affordable & customisable meal plans to help you lose weight & lose tummy fat.


Get body confident with our daily at home workouts made for busy mums. Includes routines for mums with muscle separation or pelvic floor issues.


Constant daily support, inspiration & motivation from our Motivating Mum team & tens of thousands of other mums on the Challenge.

Get Your Summer Body On The WINTER Challenge 

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About the 28 Day Challenge

  • Customisable meal plans & personalised shopping list
  • The Challenge has over 3,000 exclusive recipes plus 100 NEW ones each month
  • Realistic menus – no food groups cut out.
  • Budget & family-friendly – option to increase number of serves for each meal
  • Breastfeeding friendly
  • Get a menu sample here

The Winter Challenge Now On!

28 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Get your FREE recipe pack from the June Winter Challenge

Regain body confidence with our easy workouts made for busy mums

  • 28 days of time efficient routines (no gym needed) – with videos
  • Fortnightly fitness tests to measure your progress
  • Challenge combines Pilates exercises with interval and circuit training (HIIT)
  • Pelvic floor & muscle separation exercises provided


Easy workouts for BUSY MUMS

June is the WINTER Challenge.

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Get Support from over 100,000 other mums!

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  • Get daily support from The Healthy Mummy Motivating Mum team in the private support group who run Q&A sessions all day and are there to help you succeed.
  • Be inspired by the 1000’s of mums on the Challenge with you, supporting each other on the healthy living journey.

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Join tens of thousands of  mums on the 28 Day Challenge.

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What Australia's Mums are saying about the Challenge:


Elle Temple lost 26kg
Elle Temple

“The reason it worked for me is because it is designed to be attainable for new mums, family life and generally busy people”

Alissa Williams lost 25kg

“I joined the 28 Day Challenges, quickly dropped the weight and have never looked back – they are awesome!”


Alicia McAlpine lost 38kg

“I love the simplicity of the program and the support is second to none. I still have some work to do, and I know I’ll get it done. It’s all about creating better habits and living a healthier lifestyle. “

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