Mum battling depression is taking control back of her physical and mental health

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Losing weight can have a big impact on your mental state and confidence as Mum Rhiannon has discovered since becoming part of the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenges.

As a new mum for the third time, Rhiannon is not only taking back control of her physical health, but she’s also taking control of her depression and significantly improving her mental health too.

At 98.8kg I was miserable, depressed, unhappy and had zero energy to play with my kids… then a friend introduced me to The Healthy Mummy…..”

Nearly 20 kilo’s lost since then and a new baby, Rhiannon shares her INCREDIBLE body and mind transformations below.

Rhiannon’s Story

Mum of three Rhiannon from Victoria started following The Healthy Mummy a couple of years ago after being introduced to the programme by a friend. Despite having some weight loss success, Rhiannon’s depression took hold which stalled her health goals.

She shares “My depression took a bad turn after some incidences in life happened, and I ate my emotions and pretty much gave up.

After several months, Rhiannon knew she needed to get back on track.

I weighed at my heaviest 98.8kg, my depression was out of control, I was miserable and moody all the time, I couldn’t walk without getting out of breath, I had no energy for my two kids.

Weight Loss Success

Knowing what The Healthy Mummy programme was all about, Rhiannon picked up the App again, and started following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge meals plans, having 1 or 2 Healthy Mummy  Smoothies a day and started exercising regularly.

Within five months, she had shed almost 10 kilos.

I then found out I was pregnant with number 3, weighing 90.7kg. I was still eating well and walking, but I ended up with really bad nausea and struggled by the end.”

Rhiannon has welcomed a baby girl into the world and has immediately started back following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge Meal Plans.

She says “At 2 week post-partum I began to go on little walks and having Healthy Mummy Smoothies again. I try to do squats, lunges and leg lifts where I can to assist in recovery and general well being.

I currently weigh 79.3kg and have lost a whopping 78cm from my body, making me the smallest I have been in over 5 years. I’ve gone down a dress size and can see my figure coming out better.”

While Rhiannon still deals with depression, she admits that by following The Healthy Mummy and living a healthy lifestyle, it is significantly improved.

“The Healthy Mummy isn’t a fad or a diet – it is for real mums, like me, who want to live a healthy lifestyle and be the best version of themself.”

“I have more energy now, although that is depleted at times thanks to a sleepless newborn!”

Using The Healthy Mummy App

“I love the app!” says Rhiannon. “I can’t function without my meal plans. I love knowing exactly what I’m going to be eating, and not having to decide last minute what to cook for dinner.”

My favourite recipe… there are so many!

Mini Apple Cupcakes, Double Choc mini muffins, Sweet Potato and Leek soup, Bacon Spinach and Tomato Risotto, Gluten Free Chicken Lasagne, and Sesame Chicken with Roasted Cauliflower.”

(All recipes available on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge)

The New Tummy Smoothie

Rhiannon loves the Healthy Mummy Smoothies and has at least one a day. She has recently just discovered the New Tummy Smoothie and is a big fan!

She says “I am now totally obsessed with the new Tummy Smoothie!”

“I used to love the strawberry smoothie, made into the pink porridge smoothie from the app recipe hub, but I still follow the pink porridge recipe, but use the Tummy instead of strawberry.”

Rhiannon’s 3 tips for success

  • Make a meal plan
  • Start by changing one thing at a time (e.g. food, then exercise, etc)
  • Take advantage of the Healthy Mummy Community, the ladies in the Facebook groups are amazing for support and questions.

Rhiannon says “The Healthy Mummy Community is my safe place. You can ask questions about pretty much anything, post photos, just get general support all without judgment”

“It is an amazing group of women who all have the same goals and objectives to become healthy and happy.”

private support group

If you feel depressed or are suffering from depression and or anxiety, we advise you to seek help from your GP or call Lifeline 13 11 14, Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia [PANDA] 1300 726 306 or Beyond Blue 1300 22 46 36.

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