Mum reveals why she DOESN’T just measure her success by kilos lost

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Living a healthier and happier lifestyle can’t always be measured by the amount of kilos you see going down on the scales.

Healthy mummy Lauren Kolstad, who has lost 27kg following the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, reveals there are other ways she judges her hard-earned progress!

“If I went by kilos alone, I would’ve given up by now,” she says. “Any progress towards my goal is a win!”

Lauren Kolstad

Mum reveals why she DOESN’T measure her success by kilos lost

Lauren has been a Challenge member for three years and after losing 27kg, she’s reached her goal weight. She has had a healthy second pregnancy, and says while the scales haven’t been changing lately, her body certainly has.

“I recently had a body scan done and my body fat percentage has dropped but my muscle mass has stayed the same,” she says.

So, here are 6 awesome ways Lauren REALLY measures her transformation success! Over to you Lauren.

6 ways Lauren measures her success

1. Her undies and clothes


Here’s a picture that is worth a thousands words. I’ve gone down an undies size and my dress sizes have also gone down heaps too.

2. My skin glows


Before I became a Challenge member my skin was dry and in bad condition. Now it’s healthy and rosy because of all the good nutrients I’m putting into my body.

3. I have more energy than ever before


I felt so lethargic and tired before, but now I have the energy to run around after my nearly five year old and my one and a half year old, even when they wake me at the crack of dawn.

4. I am stronger


I can deadlift 140kg and run 5km. I’m working on a handstand push-up also. All of these things I would’ve never dreamed of doing before.

5. I love having my picture taken


I was the one taking the pictures a few years ago. Now, I love being in the pictures with my family or on my own!

6. I enjoy shopping for clothes

dress 2

Before, clothes shopping was only something I did when I had to. Usually, if I had out grown something. Now, it’s something I enjoy doing and I love the outfits I’m wearing.

I may still weigh 100kg, but I’m a healthy mum and I’m an active mum. And the scales… well, they’re coming along, but they definitely DON’T define me or my health.

Way to go Lauren

That’s absolutely incredible Lauren – keep up the amazing, amazing work.

More on Lauren’s transformation journey

Lauren says despite being sporty when she was younger, her active lifestyle soon went south and she found herself gorging on junk food.

She says: “I’m a nutritionist, so I know the right things to eat, but I was not taking my own advice and was eating fast food and sugar to deal with my emotions.”

After giving birth to her first child she was up to 110kg* and her dreams for running a race were further away than she hoped.

“I couldn’t run more than a few metres without feeling like I was going to spew and pass out at the same time,” she reveals.

“I struggled to run around after my son. I couldn’t do things with him that I wanted to, like take him to the park.”

Lauren soon joined the Healthy Mummy 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and swapped fast food for Healthy Mummy Smoothies and changed her diet. Amazingly she dropped a whopping 27kg*.

Lauren soon found herself getting fitter and faster and achieved her dream of finishing an entire triathlon!

Lauren adds: “If it wasn’t for the Healthy Mummy, I wouldn’t know all of the things I can achieve….I would still be telling myself ‘I can’t’.”

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