This mum dropped 31kg thanks to women supporting women

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Despite going through a difficult time this mum turned her life around thanks to women inspiring women in The Healthy Mummy community.

Depressed, very unhealthy and unhappy within herself, mum of 2 teenagers, Jenni, began to follow The Healthy Mummy Facebook page for a month before buying her first Healthy Mummy smoothie tub. And she hasn’t looked back!

Starting her weight at 96kg she now weighs 65kg, and has now dropped 31kg since October 2016.

Jenni Wright before and after

Women supporting women!

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for Jenni. In 2017, her ex partner, her son’s dad, passed away.

“I felt like throwing in the towel and giving up but I’d got so far already and didn’t want to,” she says.

She started believing in herself again and says, “I’d forgotten how to do that, I kept busy with gym as this would pick me up when I felt down and I really learnt that eating properly and exercise really is the best medicine.”

Jenni says The Healthy Mummy has really helped her get stronger physically and mentally, and it’s kept her head above water in very difficult times. 

“Seeing real mums like myself made me believe I could do it too, I have now dropped from a size 20/22 to a 10,” Jenni said.

She’s also sped past her goal weight she had set which was 73kg, and now wants to maintain it at 65kg. 

Jenni maintains her weight by drinking her favourite vanilla smoothie and adds banana and lots of baby spinach and ice. 

Support is where change begins

Jenni’s 2 teenage boys are also now eating healthy and keeping active right along side her. Getting support from your family and/or other mums is a great way to keep on track and your motivation levels up! 

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“All the support, love and encouragement from all The Healthy Mummy pages, teams, groups and mums is just amazing, overwhelming actually and you really don’t see a lot of this, women empowering other women, it’s just the best, this empowerment kept me going,” says Jenni.

Living and loving life again is Jenni’s biggest achievement as for years she had lost that before this journey.


Jenni’s biggest tip is even if you’ve had a bad day/week, food wise, dust yourself off as tomorrow is another day.

“I fell off the wagon a few times but it’s about picking yourself up again and getting right back on it!!” Jenni says.

It’s a new day and it’s never too late to start, as Jenni has proven. Join the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and claim your life back!

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